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    Nov. 12, 2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by Louise View Post
    Oh, and Mod 1 said in her Christmas post that Off Topic would probably be open until after the New Year, unless we get rowdy.
    WHAT! Us getting rowdy. Surely you jest. After shoveling off the deck, stairs and in front of the barn the last thing I think about is getting rowdy. A nap maybe.

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    Oct. 15, 2011


    We got lucky - it snowed pretty decent and crapped up our roads during the day yesterday, but we only got maybe an inch of new snow overnight. The roads were in ok shape this morning when I left for work, and the main ones were just wet. Whew! Stay warm and safe, those in areas that got slammed!
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    We easily had a foot here in the city, if not more, and of course our windtunnel/alley of a driveway caught everything blowing through the 'hood. I shoveled at 8 last night and couldn't see a bit of difference this AM. We're on a main thoroughfare that actually got plowed (good) but the road AND sidewalk plows kicked all the snow from the block right at my driveway (bad). I was *thisclose* to getting the workhorse subaru stuck, which just never happens. Managed to rock her out of the trenches and went to "plow" my friends driveways... IE gun it in & make a trail for them to get out. Fun times.

    I am loving it. I'm a winter baby through and through and was VERY pissed about last years freakily snow-sparse winter.
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    We have a fair amount here. I can't quite tell if it's stopped yet as the wind is blowing a lot of it around. I'm not sure if it's falling snow or just loose snow getting kicked around. Anyway, i'd say we've gotten about 10-12" maybe (New Hampshire).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shine View Post
    WHAT! Us getting rowdy. Surely you jest. After shoveling off the deck, stairs and in front of the barn the last thing I think about is getting rowdy. A nap maybe.
    Shine, I'm with you for a nap. I'm guessing we had at least a foot even though the radio said 10" but that was at the airport and I'm not near there at all.

    At least the snow had stopped when I got up about 6:25 AM. The plow guy came though about 6:30 this morning so I got bundled up and shoveled a path from the house to the driveway that goes back to the barn, about 40', then shoveled out the heat pump and then tackled the barn. Let the dog out in the meantime and she had enough sense to realize that she couldn't manage the banks the snow plow left so she did all her business (1 and 2)on the gravel in the barn parking lot. I got the main barn door shoveled out, but didn't try to open it but did get the dog into the warm tack room. Fed the horses, and kept shoveling by the front of their stalls, all 4, about another 50' long and about 3' deep but didn't try to open the doors. I'm waiting till I get my tractor w/ snowblower back in working order before tackling the sacrifice paddocks and, hopefully that will be tomorrow. Put the horses in the indoor while I did their stalls and then tackled shoveling out where the dumpster is so I can dump the muck baskets.

    Funny thing was I woke up with a really sore back, but by the time I got started shoveling, I realized it didn't bother me any more. It probably will later on though.

    By the time I finished the barn chores, had brushed the horses, put them back in nice clean stalls with with fresh warm water and fresh hay, the dog and I went up to the house. Then, while I was still in snowshoveling attire, I did the front of the garage and front door.

    I think Mother Nature is giving us some of the snow we didn't get last winter.

    Well, it's about time to head back out to the barn, turn the horses back out in the indoor again, pick stalls and top water and give them more hay. I'll take the dog and hope she does her business again on the gravel.
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    Well, I really couldn't open the front door (my deck is on the front, and have a gambrel roof that dumps much of the snow from the roof regularly) But stepped out the back, made paths by stomping through the snow for my old girl to get through - a little too old for going crazy in the snow. Snow was still coming down when I went out, but was finally winding down when I came in around 11:30. Spent about an hour and a half digging out the car and moving it, clearing paths for the girl, brushing off the satellite dishes, and shoveling the deck off. Measured 16" in the back yard w/ the yard stick, so wasn't quite the worst we've had in one snowfall.

    And it is beautiful, perfect snow - no ice mixed in, temps aren't too bad, and loads and loads of white. If I still skiied, it would be paradise. Maybe I should look for snow shoes on sale...
    Being right half the time beats being half-right all the time. Malcolm Forbes

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    I live above the barn where I have my mare - good thing, too, because otherwise I wouldn't get to see her today! I'm doing job and grad school applications today. Ventured outside to take some pictures when I let the horses out this morning into the snow - they were feeling GOOD! But I definitely won't be going anywhere today. Lots of snow, wind. Yuck.

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    Two good days of workouts shoveling snow. It's a good thing my son and I shoveled twice yesterday, because there was another 5" of heavy stuff out there this morning. Last night's variety was light and fluffy. I live in the first of a 4-unit townhouse. While we were shoveling, neighbor 3 and I groused that neighbor 2 hasn't bought a snowblower yet . Neighbor 4 had a truck with a plow from work this morning, so he cleared the ends of our driveways that had been plowed in. When I moved here, I wasn't thrilled about having neighbors so close, but I lucked out. My neighbors are great!

    The snow is done, but now we have WIND. So I probably won't ride today. At least I'll get a bunch of stuff done at home -- that is unless I can't help myself and feel compelled to go to the barn anyway. It's rare that I miss a day at the barn. Anyway, glad to hear everyone seems to be doing fine after the storm.

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