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    Default Direct TV and DVD Player

    We have Direct TV and after 3 years decided to hook up our DVD player (we don't watch much TV) but I can't figure out how to make it work. I have the standard (read, yellow, white) connector and was told by Direct TV customer support phone guy to hook it directly from DVD player to TV . Still won't work.

    Any suggestions for the technology challenged????

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    You have to select the TV input that the DVD player is connected to use it. Turn on the DVD player and switch inputs on the TV until you get a screen that goes with the DVD player signal.
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    When you try to play the DVD, are you telling the TV to change the Input Source?
    if you haven't programmed the DirecTV remote to do that (there is a button marked TV Input), you may have to find the original remote for the TV.

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    Click your tv remote button for input, change HDMI to AV1. Then just play back your movie.

    On the DVD recorder (if you want to record) put the input to E1 for rear plug in on the DVD recorder, or E2 (front plug in), program the DVD recorder, and leave the Directv box turned to the channel you want to record. Set the power supply on the Directv box (it's on the Directv menu settings, under power for display settings) to not turn off after 4 hours, or you will end up with nothing (guess how I found out). It means you will have to push the power button to turn off the Directv box when you aren't recording. If you had a DVR you could record without leaving the Directv box on, but not with a DVD Recorder.
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