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    Feb. 17, 2002
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    Default Upstairs Downstairs vs Downton Abbey?

    As a Downton Abbey addict in withdrawal until Season 3 hits the TV (can't watch/download online due to sucky internet connection), I bought myself the entire box set of Upstairs Downstairs for Christmas LOL. Haven't cracked it open yet, hope it's worth it as it wasn't cheap!

    Who has watched both and how do they compare? If you like Downton is UD just as good?

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    It is whitewashed and dated but what the hey it is free for the watching.
    If you have the time - go for it.
    I must stop asking "How stupid can you be?" rhetorically.
    Some people are starting to see it as a challenge.

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    The ORIGINAL Upstairs Downstairs?? All 14 or so years?

    Nothing holds a candle to it. Well drawn characters, lovely close interior set design. Topical and real stories.

    DA is a fancy wonderful soap opera filled with spectacular events

    UD is a quiet study of a way of life.

    The new Upstairs Downstairs, the second generation

    piece of crap

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    You are going to find some interesting similarities.

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    I've watched Upstairs, Downstairs off and on over the years and may have watched most of it. I think that Julian Fellowes is a better writer of the human condition than were the writers of Upstairs, Downstairs and manages to convey drama much better.

    Oh and Downton Abbey has Rob James-Collier whom I have adored since his time on Corrie.

    Forgot to add.....too bad Fellowes himself didn't take a part as he is also a good actor
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    Nov. 28, 2000
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    I love all three.
    The old Upstairs Downstairs series, Downton Abbey and the new Upstairs Downstairs.

    I LOVED the new Upstairs Downstairs.
    An incredibly important period in history, brought to life in a vibrant and memorable way.
    Great cast, great characters, beautifully written, beautifully shot.
    I am verklempt that it is over.....

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