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    Default The BEST Christmas moment...

    Ok, I've got to share this here since I know my friends and family wouldn't understand. The absolute, hands down, BEST moment of Christmas 2012 wasn't family, or friends, or presents, or food. It was going to see my almost 27yo heart horse, who actually whinnied and came cantering to the gate when I went to see him today. I only get to see him every couple of weeks, and he is NEVER that demonstrative. He's in good health, and damn that trot looked pretty darn stellar today! Not sure how many more Christmases he'll be around, but having him happy and healthy is the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for. Having him actually appear ecstatic to see me, sent it over the top Here's wishing happiness and good health to all the special seniors in the coming year, including my own Instigator, and the love of his life an almost 27yo pony named Lady.

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    Aww, how sweet. What a blessing to have him happy and feeling good, especially on such a special day.
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    I recently "acquired" a 24yo pony that had been sitting around in a local backyard for the past 10 years. His feet hadn't been trimmed in a LONG time, and he only has about 6 teeth left. He arrived on Nov 1st, and LOTS of groceries & groomings later, he is in picture perfect health. I spent an hour yesterday feeding his timothy hay thru the chipper/shredder as he stretched his neck over the gate to watch me and nicker occasional words of encouragement. It was the best hour of the Christmas Day I spent So yes, I say God Bless the seniors!

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    What a truly meaningful gift!
    ~Kryswyn~ Always look on the bright side of life, de doo, de doo de doo de doo
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    Ahhh, that is awesome. I have an old boy and it warmed my heart to see him go running out in the snow today and promptly roll around in it like he has enjoyed the past 20 years, so I understand where you are coming from.

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