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    Default Korean Dramas!

    Anyone else watching these? I'm watching Iron Empress on Hulu right now. It's good stuff. Very dramatic. Very meaty.
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    I am married to a Korean. That's all the drama I need!
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    Dramas, no, but there was a point in time where I was watching a fair amount of Asian horror films - This one stuck out in my mind as being one of the best (of all horror flicks, even)

    I'll have to check out the one you mentioned though, thanks for the tip!
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    I've watched a fair amount of dramas and horror. Some good, some not so good. My favorite is Treeless Mountain.

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    ME! lol.

    But i'm also slightly obsessed with the music and the country. Am planning to move there in 2 years to teach :-D Very excited.

    Ones i have seen:

    Faith (Lee Min Ho is so yum.)

    What's Up (Daesung from BigBang is in it and he is just amazing.

    City Hunter (also Lee Min Ho)

    Panda and Hedgehog was cute

    Rooftop Prince was hysterical

    Full House (has the singer Rain...he was in Ninja it. I like him better as an actor.

    Boys Over Flowers (has 4 editions? The Japanese one i really liked, then the Korean one, and a chinese one and ummm i think Taiwanese?) Oh and Lee Min ho is in that too. lol.

    You're Beautiful was really good

    Secret Garden is one of my all time favorites

    Coffee Prince i think is a must. lol.

    Heartstrings was really good

    Dream High 1 i liked i thought the second season was just awful

    Sungkyukwan Scandal was good

    What's up Flower Boy Band

    i think that is all that i have seen so far. All can be watched on Hulu.

    Now that i am learning Korean i don't have as much time to watch them!

    MOST of the series are short, only one or two seasons. Which makes it easy to watch. :0D

    Others i want to get into but havent yet are

    Dr. Jin
    Protect the Boss
    To the beautiful you...


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