Hi my Morgan gelding "Kirby" was given away illegally. He was on a free lease agreement in Northern NH and ended up in the hands of a horse trader in Danville, VT named Archie Foster. For months we have been trying to track down where he went, we just found out that Archie took him to the DR Chambers and Sons auction in Unadilla, NY most likely this past July, but it really could have been any time this summer. Kirby's stripe is crooked and pretty distinct. You also do not see too many 16 hand Morgans, his build is longer and leaner than the traditional Morgan. I am wondering if anyone remembers seeing him at that auction this summer. I am really praying that a rescue group or individual picked him up and he did not end up on a truck to Canada. I created a Facebook page looking for him, it also has lots of pictures: https://www.facebook.com/WheresKirby?fref=ts

Please email or call me if you know anything or think you can help in any way.Thanks so much. Jen Near - 603-630-0299