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    Default Ankylosing spondyloarthritis

    Anyone have experience with this? Yet ANOTHER sleepless night led me to google. My symptoms match everything exactly and my brother has been diagnosed with Reiters syndrome/reactive arthritis which is linked to the same gene. Since I have a slew of drs/pt appointments that are unrelated coming in my near future I plan to ask, but was looking for personal stories.

    It's nice to have a possible answer for years of issues, but scary since they seem to be getting worse

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    My cousin has this, it is absolutely horrible. If you're on FB there's a group for people that have been diagnosed with it. I can also put you in touch with her if you'd like but I hope that they find something else instead of this as there's no cure and hardly any real maintainance options.
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    Like most diseases, here is a wide range in terms of how debilitated people are and how well the treatments work. I dated a guy with ank spond about 10 years ago. For him, the new biologic medicines (Enbrel, Orencia etc) were as close to a miracle drug as it gets (he started the first one while we were dating). His pain and stiffness decreased dramatically. I'm not really in contact with him, but we have mutual friends. From what I've heard, he works a fairly demanding job with long hours, lots of time on his feet, and also jogs regularly. So it doesn't HAVE to mean the end of a normal life, especially with the newer treatment options available.

    But OP, you still don't know for a fact that this is what you have. Don't just google, find yourself a rheumatologist, preferably one affiliated with a university hospital.

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    My brother has this. He still rides his bicycle about 30 miles round trip to work (weather permitting). He takes a daily NSAID ( mobic, I think). He has a bit of a stoop to his walk but it hasn't slowed him down much. Oh, and he is 63.
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