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    Quote Originally Posted by CVPeg View Post
    My son is 24, been 2 years with his girlfriend, a great gal - and she has been his only serious girlfriend. Nothing happening soon, but if they stayed together, and he never dated anyone else, I would be concerned that he was wondering what he was missing...

    Don't count on it, but if he and you are ultimately a match, perhaps best that he get some "comparisons" out of his system. In the meantime, don't tread water and wait. His lack of response is your answer for now.
    OMG this 100%. IMO even if he did say he wanted you back, don't do it. Stay in touch as friends, but please go sleep with a few other people and actively encourage him to do the same. Better this than end up 30 years old with him and his regrets. Or with yours.

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    My advice would be to not even be friends for a while. As long as you're still seeing him on a regular basis, it's going to be hard to truly move on and to see someone new as having the potential as a future BF. Ask me how I know.
    -Debbie / NH

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    Just let it be....if it's really meant to be, it will come back.

    Don't hold your breath tho
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    Michael the Moron
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    Britt the Brittle (so needy. I finally figured out I should date men, not boys).
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    Girl, he's just not that into you.

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    I had one of these relationships. It was wonderful while it lasted, but we were young and grew our separate ways. I haven't talked to him in decades but I think back fondly on that time, and then I think fondly on my wonderful husband that I moved on to find as my perfect match.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluey View Post
    Been there, done that, we went our own ways in our different lives.

    My BF and I were a pair from 16 to 20 1/2 years, we grew up together and did everything together for all those years, never ever looked at anyone else.

    Then we, well, grew up and apart, so, still happy with each other, life called and each one went our own way.

    Sure, it was hard on us and hard on everyone else, that practically was counting on us getting on with marriage and our own family, but it just was not to be.

    Who knows, maybe you both will later reconsider, but it seems that right now, both of you have other calling in your lives and it is not together.

    Try giving each other some space for a while and see where this goes.
    There is no "right" answer to your question.

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    Shy nerds "develop" as they grow older and I bet now that he has more self-confidence he thinks he can do better than you. IOW, he's not that into you.

    Break off all contact.
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    Yep. Break off ALL contact. It's very, very hard at first but it is for everyone - not just for yourself. I only say that because it's easy to fall into the "it's so hard...because we were meant to be together!" trap. It gets easier once you break ALL contact for at least a few months.

    I broke up with a guy a few years ago and he played with MY emotions by constantly calling and texting me. Telling me he still had feelings for me, wasn't sure about things, blah blah blah. Meanwhile, he was sleeping with TWO different women. I was a mess, but got a lot stronger once I stopped taking his calls and deleting his texts before reading them.

    My last break up was tough, too. I was dating a great guy who I'd known for 17 years and who I'd had feelings for almost that entire time. Three great months, but he'd just gotten divorced the year before and was a mess. So, we ended things. We left with a "this might not be the end, depending...". But instead of holding onto hope and pining by the phone, waiting for him to deal with his issues...I moved on. We haven't been in touch since July. I've dated a few people and currently have a madly inappropriate crush on one of my profs at university (I'm an older student) which has helped push the ex from my mind. The only contact I've had with him was today, actually. I sent him a Merry Christmas text and he responded right away. But I ONLY sent the text because I knew I had moved on.

    So, cut all contact with this guy. It's tough, but it'll be tougher if you don't. Move on. Do things that YOU want to do. Be selfish. Sleep in til 1pm. Eat ice cream for breakfast. Let your dog on the bed and sleep with him. Spend a full day at the barn and don't worry about having to call anyone and justify what you're doing. Embrace your single side, embrace your individual side and discover who you are as a person, not as a couple. You'll forget about this guy and soon be much happier.

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    Give up when you feel unloved and unappreciated enough to be unhappy. That's what I say.
    Thus do we growl that our big toes have, at this moment, been thrown up from below!

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