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    Love the "roses" comment. But my eyebrows are too short to raise slightly. I just look goofy. LOL

    My brother, who was appointed to one of the military academies by a Democratic congressman, returned to our area about 15 years ago after a 30 year absence. Immediately embroiled himself in local politics, even running for a state representative seat as a verrry Conservative Republican. (He lost.) He and SIL used to love to expound on all of those Libral enemies. And even though I solicited votes on his behalf, and he carried the district I worked, I had to invite myself to the party awaiting the tally, because I was a Dem. (They gave credit to my mother for making the calls, when she actually never picked up the phone, and handed the duty off to me.)

    Eventually, older Sis and I started requesting that SIL stop sending all the offensive e-mails, conspiracy theories (she was so big on the birth certificate issue...) and racially motivated jokes. (But don't criticize her Polish cooking, she takes that as a personal bigoted attack! When she's just a bad cook! )

    What used to get to me, especially as at this age, I often question my memory, is how we all became Conservative Republicans. Because, of course, my father was. But wait, didn't he meet Kennedy in DC for an award? Take me to see Bobby during his early campaign for the Presidency? Didn't he run for a County seat as a Democrat?

    We now all get along pretty well since SIL has stopped with the e-mails, and I just keep giving my big brother hugs. It has taken many years, but now they know better than to go there...

    I hope, OP, you can get someone in the family, your circle of friends, to agree with you from time to time. Hopefully he'll get it eventually.
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    Well, I have learned to listen to every shade of the spectrum and then sit back and think a while. This causes me to look at an accusation from every angle. I'm a fantastic mull-er of the first order. Mulling is one of my best attributes at times.

    So, that said, some of the outlandish things I've heard have turned out to be pretty much true. Maybe not 100% true but overall, a lot of truth there. I'm talking both right and left leaning.

    On my FB page, I've read things from my lib/prog friends which I know is not true because they are low info and the info is out there, just look for it. A couple hadn't heard of Benghazi for quite a bit, as an example. Then again, I have some right leaning friends who believe things which are totally implausible.

    It goes both ways. Both sides have 'the far side'. I prefer center right myself.

    But, I don't know the exact saying but it's something like a stopped clock is right twice a day. I don't discount anything anymore. Keep things in the back of my mind and put pieces together.
    GR24's Musing #19 - Save the tatas!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuddyRoo View Post
    I hate to be so negative, but keep your eyes and ears wide open.

    That can go off a whole other cliff.....

    Anyone who is still "convinced" that Obama is a Muslim is not operating on all cylinders. Dealt with that 4 years ago. Tin foil an all...Obama even "had people out trying to take us out if we didn't agree".....

    Be careful. There is a line that can be crossed between just being politically vocal and having a total break from reality. A psychotic one.

    With guns available, it can be really scary
    Oh good Lord, that goes both ways. In fact, tin foil hat crap is both left and right. And as far as guns available, both sides use them. The left tried like hell to label the last few mass shooters as 'tea party' members when in fact they were democrats.

    Geez, get a grip. Merry Christmas to us all
    It's only when a mosquito lands on your privates that you realize there is always a way to solve problems without using violence. fb meme.

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