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    Apr. 22, 2011
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    Default Your most bizarre Christmas?

    Mine has to be Christmas 1991. My mom had died in October and my family - brother, sister and her DH and 2 boys, decided to nix our traditional Xmas and head to Vermont. On Xmas Eve, we decided to go into town for Midnight Mass (which was quaint and lovely in this tiny postcard-worthy village). We were on our way back to our rental when we hit a deer. Saw it stagger off with a leg dangling. Stopped the car and saw it headed for the snow-covered lake. Then it went down.

    I jumped out and went over to it. Long story shortened, I sat on this young buck, probably a couple hundred pounds, in my nice clothes and best Danskos in the snow while the rest drove back to the little village to get someone to come shoot the poor thing. What an odd Christmas Eve, sitting in the pitch black in the snow on a mortally wounded deer in rural Vermont. Poor bugger twitched at every sound, but I talked to him and told him all about my mom, who was surely looking down on me with pride.

    After what seemed like hours but was probably less than 30 minutes, Sis et al drives back with a cop just behind. The PO promised not to fire until we were well on our way. I left the little buck and got in the car and we went home.

    I'm sure there are much more bizarre stories out there, if you'd care to share.
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    Mom's third husband took us to Hooters.

    He thought it was funny.

    Oh and that redneck you're picturing in your mind? Nix that, dude was like GQ stylin.
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    We had celebrated extended family Christmas early or maybe my brother was still on his sailing voyage around the world. Anyhow, my parents and I were scheduled to go out to the desert to have Christmas dinner with a distant relative of my mother's. One of my parents' dogs dislodged an ornament from the tree, it broke in two, and sliced some part of her anatomy. Cue blood and emergency vet visit. They were supposed to pick her up at about the time that we would have been driving out there, so we called and cancelled, and tried to figure out what to have for Christmas dinner. For whatever reason, neither my parents nor I had much in the way of food. We tried to go out for Chinese food, but contrary to stereotype, no Chinese restaurants were open. Not sure why we didn't just go out to a market to but fixings for dinner, but my mom decided that one of those pizzas that you make on a Bobboli (sp?) bread thing would be just the ticket and she would not be dissuaded. So she made that with some sort of odd combination of ingredients on the top.

    My dad and I had not been happy about the trek to the desert. What we had for dinner wasn't great but at least it didn't involve spending upwards of four hours in the car.
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    Oct. 20, 2005


    My parents always argue at Christmas 3 or 4 years ago (can't remember if it was '08 or '09) they got into their usual fight on Christmas Eve and my dad stormed out on foot. We live in a more-rural-than-suburban area. After awhile when he didn't come back, my sister and I went out driving, looking for him. We went to the beach. We went to the Indian casino (what a sad place to wander on Christmas Eve.) We didn't find him.

    He did eventually come back, with a can of beer. (My dad's dad was a reformed alcoholic by the time I came along. My mom's mom's alcoholism killed her. So no alcohol in our house, period.) My mom got all pissed and hung the empty beer can on the Christmas tree.
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    Nov. 3, 2006


    I spent Christmas 2010 on the couch stoned on percoset following laparoscopy for endometriosis. I am preparing for a possible repeat this year following last week's Lupron injection.

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    Jun. 8, 2008


    I spent Christmas in Afghanistan last year. My husband sent me a 3 foot tall christmas tree and I set it up in our office. Folks would put all of the boxes we got in the mail under the tree each day after the mail run. My mom included a stocking in the box she sent so I had all the fixens.

    I opened my gifts while skyping with my husband. I missed the big Christmas dinner at the chow hall because I was working so dinner was a slightly stale turkey sandwich and chicken noodle soup. My co-workers and I put together gingerbread houses someone had gotten from their family and we raided the extensive christmas candy stash to decorate them. We melted candycanes in hot cocoa and talked about all the things we were grateful for while we stargazed after our shift.

    It was bittersweet, we all missed our families, but we all pulled together to make it a special Christmas.

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    Feb. 28, 2011


    I met my half sister that I had just found out about an hour before the meeting. She walked in and it was like looking in a mirror. She looks more like me than my full sister. We've been best friends since. The best present I ever got.

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    this year, actually.
    I send my kid to his grand parents. My stepmom has just passed away, back in October, and I think my dad is a little lonely.

    DH wanted to go see his brother for a few days.
    After having been to Germany for the funeral, traveling in a round about way that included me being on the plane for 10 hours plus each crossing...I was not thrilled of the prospect of driving for with my blessing he departed without me.

    So Ia m sitting here, in my PJs, raspberry tea on hand, with cats and birds.

    I think I will skip the family christmas party later tonight, too.
    It's raining, promises to be come stormy later tonight, and I don't like to drive at night, especially when it's wet - or possibly icy.
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    Nov. 10, 2000


    I was with a bunch of girls and someone bought another the Carmen Electra's Fit to Strip DVD set. So we all put on our shorts and black heels and we put in the last DVD and learned how to chair dance in the living room. It lasted until the first person fell off the chair.
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    Apr. 4, 2010
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    Alone in Dublin while studying abroad. The day was nice actually, it was a potluck dinner with coworkers and quite enjoyable until I got the call that my brother was in the hospital in the states with a head injury. (He was okay but it was scary for a while there.)
    Then after the dinner i returned to my flat and on a whim went to a corner store for magazines and candy. Was followed and bothered for a while by a drunk guy, until the Gardai passing by stopped and gave me a lift home.
    Funny finding yourself in the back of a cop car on Christmas night!

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    Aug. 29, 2012
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    It's barely Christmas and this one is already bizarre. My mom attempted to stand on our kitchen table Saturday morning to hang more decorations and ended up with a fractured pinky and some Steri-stitches. Our table is a round pedestal table, and the leaf is in.

    Not the smartest thing she's ever done, that's for sure. I heard the screams and crashes from my bedroom, and she's sitting on the floor, crying that she broke a $20 Venetian blind--never mind she could have easily hit her head and killed herself!

    It was terrifying when it happened, but an hour later we were howling in laughter about it!

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    Nov. 18, 2010


    Two years ago I bought my mom a plane ticket to come for Christmas. I worked some overtime in the summer and decided that I wanted to spend maybe one last Christmas with my mom. She came and was so miserable, I thought "what have I done" every day. I had hoped she would help me with things such as baking cookies and pastries. She sat in a chair terrified of our rabbit and complained about everything, even my children.

    She demanded to leave the day after Christmas and I found a flight and said a prayer for that flight. She then complained that my daughter did not love her and that no body loved her. My daughter was within earshot and cried for the rest of the day, she had actually been ill and did not want to say anything since it was Christmas. My mother refused to sleep in a bed (a new bed we purchased for her visit) the last night of her stay and sat up in a chair.

    She flew home and called to tell me how much she missed her grandchildren. I love my mom but sometimes I wonder how I survived my childhood. I went through a tough time for a couple of months but just excepted the fact that she has her life and although she will cry on the telephone saying she misses her grandchildren, she has no capacity to enjoy them. I cringe at the memory of that Christmas.

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    If we were talking "miserable" then the one I spent taking care of someone else's extremely sick horse b/c they couldn't be bothered would have to figure... For "bizarre" I'd have to go with a couple years ago, stuck up here, when a friend from back home attempted suicide early in Christmas week, and all of us who knew and loved him but were out of town hung around on FB *literally all the way through Christmas* waiting for updates from the hospital... He was pronounced dead on Xmas Eve, then was revived, then died again a few hours later. The odd thing was that at the very moment that he died, the front door of my house blew open in the gale-force winds we were having at the time, and snow and wind blew in... THAT was bizarre.
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