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    Something got one of my neighbor's guineas (who I love - the fowl, not the neighbors). From the size of the feathers it was full grown. My farrier said no cat could take down a full grown guinea but I have my doubts. He said it was probably have been a fox (which I have around), raccoon or a hawk.

    I don't know, though. A couple of the cats have taken down squirrels and they are tough little suckers.

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    While a cat "could" take down an adult Guinea Fowl, the majority wouldn't want to unless they were feral & starving. Domestic cats are pretty much opportunists - they don't want to have to fight for a meal, or for play/enjoyment. That's why so many cats won't bother with squirrels, rats, or any type of adult poultry (outside of little ones like quail, partridge, etc.).

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoopoe View Post
    VS whata wondeful resource. Reading that report clearly teaches how the winter bird population and their variations has cause and effect.
    He does one every year and you're right, it is a wonderful resource!

    Louise, you are close enough to Ontario that you may want to subscribe to OntBirds, a listserve on Ontario birding. The winter finch forecast appears there, as do reports of rare birds and other interesting birding info.

    Here's the link:

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