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    Default Gettin Back in the Saddle after baby

    How long did it take you? I don't mean for that first re-ride, but to actually get back to riding somewhat regularly.

    My baby's 4 months, 1 week, and I have ridden 3x. Mostly due to being tired or busy. My mare's had rain rot, then a tweaked ankle so she's just waiting for a ride (cleared for work next week).

    I'm trying to get there, I am really! But HOW. I work 3x a week and those days, I'm exhausted from packing up baby, driving an hour, working, picking up baby, driving an hour...

    I've managed to get to the barn once a week so far, recently. My mare needs a steady job, she's a hothead with energy. I'm not looking to lease her out either (she's easily ruined, had to send her to a trainer to undo the last round she had).

    When will everything go back to normal? Er, normal NOW? Certainly when Jr. sleeps through the night, maybe I'll have energy?

    My morgan is pretty much retired, I plod around at walk-trot on him, no big deal. The Oldenburg? She needs a job and I want to give it to her (by me!).

    So, how long WAS it? How'd you manage? Coffee? Red Bull? Sheer determination?

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    Oddly, I rode a LOT right after my son was born. I think I was just so overwhelmed by the rest of my life that I needed an escape. DH was very supportive, and my mother lives nearby and she was positively giddy about babysitting, so that made things easier.

    Really, just like how long it takes you to get back in the saddle that first time, it's an individual thing, so don't be too hard on yourself. You do need whatever little bits of rest you can manage to piece together right now!
    "In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn’t merely train him to be semi-human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming part dog."
    -Edward Hoagland

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    Its really going to depend on your support system and how "busy" you are with everything else...

    I had DS in November, so I basiclly took the winter off, horsey then had surgery in April and had 6 more weeks off. We started promptly back to work as soon as he was cleared. At that time, DH was able to be home 1 night a week by 6, so, as soon as I got home from work, I handed off the kidlet, changed clothes and off to the barn I went. Twice a week DH's Aunt would meet me at home at 6 and would take over kidlet and dinner duty so I could go ride. One weekend day was our family day at the barn and I generally rode then as well. So, for a few months I was able to do really well and ride 3 to 4 times a week, even though in some lessons and training rides from a dressage trainer to help us get back to work.

    Then the wheels fell off the bus! DH started having to work more hours and could not commit to being home before 8 any day of the week, along with having to work Saturday and usually Sunday too. His Aunt had hip surgery and was no longer able to help me out. I was lucky if I got out once a week and I may or may not have gotten to actually ride.

    Its just going to depend on your schedule and such. If you have help that can come once a week or so I would take advantage of it...set up a day that they come at such and such time and take over mommy duties....same thing with your husband, can he be home by such and such time once a week...I HAD to make my husband pick one a day week...if I left it up to him a week would go by and he wouldnt be able to make it, but, if I said "on Tuesdays I have a lesson at 7, so you HAVE to be home by 6." he knew he had to leave work by 4:30.

    Its possible, but it takes a village!
    Busy Bee Farm, Ellijay, GA
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    I'm hoping that next week, when I can actually ride my mare for the first time in a calendar year, it'll push me to do so. DH said he would be there when I want to ride. Usually Friday I head to the barn, he works Sat and we hang out as a family on Sun. I have a local famly member who already watches Jr once a week, but a local babysitter I may enlist for a few hours Saturday in the morning. I'm actually pretty excited to ride my mare, we need lessons (and I mean BOTH of us). It took a lot for us to have a relationship, I almost sold her a few times but am glad I did not.

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    I agree - a support system is key! DS is 18 months old and I've probably only ridden 10 times. I don't have any family close by and a few months after DS was born, DH got a new job that requires long hours so he can't reliably be home in time for me to go to the barn. I work 4 days a week and just don't have time in my schedule to ride. DS and I do go out and pat the horse and give her treats, but that's about it.

    My mare is 16 years old and as calm and sweet as can be. I found a lesson program nearby with a good reputation for horse care and moved my mare there. I get reduced board for letting her be used in the lesson program and my mare gets regular exercise. So far it's worked out splendidly.

    My parents did just buy themselves a condo near by so that they can come for longer visits and provide some babysitting relief so I can get back to riding. I'm hopeful that this will mean I'll have at least one night to go out and ride!!!

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    It comes and goes here, depending on DH's work schedule. Sometimes I get out 5-6 days and sometimes I don't get out at all. I just try to roll with it, take the time that I can, and stay flexible.

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