And yet another prayer answered.

Interviewed for the job this morning and was offered it on the spot. I have tentatively accepted the position, but have two interviews coming up, one of which my friend really stuck her neck out to get me, so I really don't want to bail on it. The manager was very understanding and just wants a commitment within the week.

It's a pay cut from where I was, but it's enough to stay in my present apartment (though I think I'll shop around and see if I can do better and maybe move in the spring...) and pay for the Stewiepony. and... it's not as big a cut as it seems, because my previous job was an hour away. I commuted in 3 days a week, worked from home the other two. I went through $40 in gas every week just to get there and back. it's like the pay at this job from it's location is almost $1 more an hour. It's really not the end of the world. It'll be an adjustment because I'll be on second or third shift... but... beats the alternative of unemployed, the unemployment clock running out and having to give up my new horse. Right now everybody is working 6 days a week, so 8 hours of OT each week? Not bad!

And... the sneaky little side of me is saying... take it... keep looking a bit... and if it's not my cup of tea to stick with long term, I still have mornings available to hit a promising sounding interview...