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    Nov. 30, 2009

    Default Pony Dressage Bridle Help Needed

    I have an adorable 13.2, 3 year old palomino section B (Oliver) who has earned a bridle of his own.
    The problem is that he seems exactly between "pony" and "cob" sizes. I have several hunter pony bridles that fit my 12.3 school pony, but they are too small for Oliver. The cheek pieces are long enough, but The brow bands squeeze his ears and the throat lashes are not long enough. The caveson is also to small around for his nose.
    He is currently going in an old Crosby cob sized bridle, which fits on the last cheek piece holes, but the browband and throat lash are both fine.
    I find the Ovation bridles on Just For Ponies to be uninspiring.
    Suggestions for under $200?
    Any one try the Delfinas on EBay?

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    Jan. 14, 2013
    Hopefully at the barn


    you could get two of the same kind (in different sizes) and switch certain pieces around, if the cost wasnt to horribly high.
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    Welcome to my nightmare. That is the exact same problem I've had with my section C gelding who is 13 hands. I did recently buy a bobby's double bridle that is a cob size that fits him very well.
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    I have a pony sized Horze bridle that is gorgeous soft leather and I got during one of their 50% off promotions so it was cheap too. The browband is roomy enough but the cheek pieces are on the edge of being too short (I think they'll be fine once they stretch out) and the noseband is on the last hole. I'm toying with the idea of buying a cob size and putting together a "custom" bridle myself since the price would be nicer than some of the custom places and I really love the quality.

    There are many places out there that offer custom sizing options and if you do a search on this forum you should find several listed.
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