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    Jan. 22, 2011

    Cool Good camera for action horse shots

    I hope this is not too off topic for horses but I thought I would try.

    I am looking to get my mom a camera for mothers day. I am not trying to buy an expensive camera but I would like one that is good enough to take action shots. So many camera suck at taking pictures of horses jumping or just even flat work. I personally have a SLR camera that works great but its big and pricey. Would like something that is small affordable but can take the great action shots without it being blurry.

    After having my horse pass away last year and going through the pictures, I really wished I had more and I think getting her a camera will help with that.

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    Mar. 24, 2010


    Do you like the camera you have? I would go for the same brand in point and shoot, because then you will already know quite a bit about how the controls work and can teach her. These days you can get a camera which will take decent outdoor/sunny horse shots for $100, so type isn't so important for that. If you want her taking indoor shots, you probably should teach her how to use your camera anyway, as a point and shoot won't be able to do the shots w/out a flash most likely.
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    I feel like cannon has the easiest controls. The elf, power shot, etc little camera do a nice job, the Rebel/Rebel XTI SLR type even better.

    I'm a Nikon fan, but I'm a ok with messing with controls and settings to get a great picture. I picked the D5000 for it's speed and video capability. I would have loved a D90, but that wasn't in the budget. Plus I have lots of photographer friends who are Nikon people, and I tend to find myself getting second-hand lenses and gadgets I couldn't if I had the Cannon. Most Nikons aren't quite as user-friendly.
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    Jan. 22, 2011


    I have a pentax camera. I like it but have never really gotten into what it can really do. It does take great shots though! But I really know nothing about the brand and have never heard anyone else having that brand. She takes pictures with my camera when I ride and ask her too. She is pretty good at taking jumping pictures.

    It would be more for moments of the horses out in the field or when she is leading the kids around on the horse. Something where she can catch those little moments, where you normally would not be carrying around a big camera. Or when she steps outside to watch me ride real quick. We usually keep my camera at home unless I plan to use it. I also would like to borrow her little camera to go on trail rides : )

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    Oct. 8, 2008


    We have a Casio point and shoot that is good for action shots. I find that the most important thing to me is "shutter lag". I believe it is the time between when you press the button and when it takes the picture. The smaller the better obviously.

    I found with friends that if their cameras don't have a low shutter lag, they were always taking crappy pics when the horse is already past the position you want.

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