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    Default Mild choke- I think it's resolved...

    How long should I let him go without hay?

    DH fed horses this AM, and came in and woke me up with "Your Big Horse isn't acting right." "He's laying down- I got him up and he laid right back down". This is a horse who NEVER lets you catch him laying down. So I throw some clothes on and stumble outside trying to remember where my stash of needles and syringes are. DH said he was a little upset because a stray dog had been out chasing horses and he could see the commotion from his stall, (DH wasn't able to get a shot at the dog) but he ate his grain- a couple of pounds of sweet feed- just fine. And he had cleaned up all of his hay from last night and drank his normal amount of water. I did give him a new treat yesterday afternoon- sweet potatoes- but they were cut up. (BTW- even my mare that's picky about treats loved the sweet potatoes!)

    This is a 20 YO stallion that has choked in the past about 5 years ago- it took the vet forever to clear the wad of yes it was well soaked beet pulp from his throat. He's had only one minor colicky episode that I can remember- resolved with a dose of banamine.

    I took him out for a little while on the lunge line and he did the throat spasm thing a few times. It seemed the distress was low in his throat. Right now he's standing in his stall looking and acting just fine. He cleaned up the remaining grain crumbs around his bucket and took a sip of water. I haven't given him any hay yet. I was think about withholding hay for another couple of hours- what do others think?

    At this point, I'm pretty sure he's just fine. I haven't called the vet, nor have I given him any banamine.

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    Well, if he were mine, I'd get the vet out to check his throat, and soak his feed well from now one. No large chunks of anything.

    When was the last time you had his teeth floated?

    My very senior, almost ancient pony boarder is very susceptible to choke. He always gets his grain soaked, but he started having more trouble this fall. He's now on a 4 month rotation for teeth floating and I mix well soaked hay cubes (no lumps) with his well soaked TC senior. Seems to be the ticket for him. The vet thinks the senior feed was causing a bolus in his throat.
    "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~Immanuel Kant

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    Quote Originally Posted by shakeytails View Post
    How long should I let him go without hay?
    Can you soak (liberally) afew hay cubes? Or shake out some hay fines and soak them? If yes give that a try 1st.

    I always wait 12 hrs at least after a choke to offer dry hay again.

    He may be to the age/teeth issues that dry anything is a no-no. When my son's 1st horse hit about 27 yrs old we found his teeth here and there and everywhere over the next 3 yrs.

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    A week without dry food is my vet's recommendation. Soaked senior feed and soaked hay pellets or cubes only.

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    Wet pellets or wet hay cubes for 5-7 days. No hay in that week. None.

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