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    Dec. 20, 2011

    Default Anyone know how to do this hairstyle?

    I had a hard time finding it on Google. Recently at a horse show I saw a few girls with their bangs (not long bangs) braided/weaved back in with their hair into a high ponytail. The style is good and it looks like a good way to avoid the helmet bangs I consistently get without wearing a headband. I'm just wondering if anyone actually knows how to do it.

    This one is probably the closest to what I saw (really slicked back) but the braid wasn't quite as tiny:

    Anyone have any idea? It looked really pretty.

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    Feb. 2, 2003
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    Kinda looks like just a french braid started at the very front--do you know how to french braid? You can google lots of how-to tutorials. Takes practice but it's not hard. I can't imagine keeping short bangs "corralled" in the braid without help from gel or something, though. You're going to have one hell of a funky wave style when you take out the braid. LOL

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    Jun. 14, 2006


    Sure! It's actually really easy, even if you really don't know how to french braid, or braid at all, you can do a little modification that would work. (but you're a horse person, so surely you braid. )

    With shorter bangs especially, you'll probably want to do this with damp hair and some gel. You could also use some bobby pins and just twist if you don't want to braid.

    All you really need to do is divide the hair into sections, braid (or twist), pin back, then sweep up ponytail.

    You may want to invest in some of those little bitty rubberbands or use your horse's mane rubber bands (that's what I use, but they're harder on your hair).

    If you french braid it rather than just taking small sections and braiding them straight up, it will probably stay put a little better. But if you don't want to see those lines, just braid normally while pulling back--not straight up or forward else it won't lie right.

    --signed, Roo, maker of all crazy hair styles for teen SD's, master of the Katniss braid and any other braid request 10 minutes before the bus comes. LOL
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    Looks like a French braid and an inverted French braid.
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    Many, many, years ago I had the braider who did my horse do my hair - she used yarn and that braid stayed in for 2 days.
    I was even able to shampoo the first night without messing it up.
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    ^ Impressive
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    Apr. 20, 2011


    it looks like an "inside out" french braid, so instead of crossing over with each added strand of hair, you cross UNDER, and that makes the braid itself pop up....

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