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    Default Sore Hooves/Time Off

    This is my first time dealing with a horse with sore hooves so outside opinions are appreciated!

    Bought my 3 year old TB one year ago wearing wedge shoes. Went lame a couple weeks after having him, we pulled off the shoes and an abscess popped. Soaked, wrapped, etc. until he was sound and put regular front shoes back on. Started him on Double Strength Farrier's Formula supplement and started the process of getting him nutritionally healthy. Throughout the next 7 months he had a lot of abscesses that I had to treat and usually ended up throwing his shoes a few weeks after having them set. In August, he threw a shoe and then went very lame at the same time because of another abscess. Put the shoe back on, he threw it a couple days later and that's when I said FORGET IT, no more shoes because it was pulling off too much hoof. Since then, he's done pretty well growing out hoof and has not had another abscess. Still very ouchy walking across rocks and there is room to improve his stride length under saddle (even in a cushy arena) once his hooves are in better shape. Currently I paint on Farrier's Fix oil on his soles every day and Tuff Stuff on the hoof wall every day. Farrier said his soles are looking pretty good and he was surprised at the amount of hoof he's been growing. I took him to a show last weekend though, where he spent a lot of time walking on rocks (he did NOT like that) and he became obviously more sore throughout the day. He still needs to grow more hoof and will sometimes stand with one front hoof a little further out. I JUST started him on SmartSox, which is supposed to help sore hooves by increasing blood circulation and adding antioxidants. I also purchased Magic Cushion. He has not been ridden since one week ago and he is on field board.

    My question is, what can I do to help him get healthier hooves and be more comfortable quicker? How much time off should I give him? Will it help to pack and wrap his hooves several times a week with Magic Cushion even if he's not being ridden and he's turned on? I don't know much about the product so I'm not sure if it benefits a horse in the long-run that's not actively being worked and I don't want to waste it if it will do no good on a horse in a wet field. I'm hoping the SmartSox will help fairly quickly. Any suggestions?

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    There is no magic cure for what ails your horse. Do you have any current rads of his hooves? If not, then you need to get some so you, your farrier and your vet know exactly what you are dealing with. A horse that repeatedly pulls shoes can have one or several issues, including but not limited to bad genetics, incorrect trimming/shoeing, dietary concerns, other hoof pathology including fungal infections of the wall, etc. IMNTBCHO, your current regimen of Farriers Fix and Tuff Stuff is not helping. I suggest you start using Durasole on the bottom of his hooves, and not worry about painting anything on the wall for the time being. Magic Cushion will help pull soreness out of the bottom of the hooves but if you start using Durasole, you probably won't need it. And, you need to get some kind of mechanical hoof protection on your horse, be that boots or shoes(and probably/potentially either full or rim pads). And the horse may well need additional mechanical support for the frog. And, I think it is also past due time for a second opinion by a farrier. And if the hooves are too weak to support a nailed on shoe, there are other options available. And it doesn't have to be a steel or aluminum shoe either. Polymer shoes are also a viable alternative.

    You state that the horse has been and continues to be sore when walking across rocks(and according to you, even in a 'cushy arena') yet you took him, barefoot, to a horse show and rode him even though the ground had a lot of rocks and he kept getting more and more sore? What were you thinking???

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    You need a veterinarian to have a look at him. Did you do a pre-purchase on him? I would have wondered why he was wearing wedge shoes in the first place.

    In any case a current set of radiographs could be very telling. Standing with one foot forward is a bell ringer in my mind.
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