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    Oct. 25, 2008

    Default ??? re: horses entered under more than one rider?

    Quick question re: starter trials-- can you enter two riders in two separate divisions on the same horse? I'm talking the baby-beginner 18" division, certainly no UL stuff. I imagine this may depend on venue, but is this ALWAYS a no-no?

    I apologize, as this is probably a very dumb question... I've ridden in a couple of unrecognized ST's purely for fun, have never been in a rated ANYTHING, so I am not nearly as "up" on USET rules as I'm sure most of you are. Anyway, I'm hoping to do another unrecognized ST at Fair Hill this summer, and a friend of mine asked if she could enter on and ride my horse also. (Her horse is out of commission but she's always wanted to try XC.)

    I've done Elem @ FH a couple times... Horse is a 9y.o. OTTB; if he can handle half-day trail rides through the mountains, I'm fairly sure he can handle a couple of W-T dressage tests, two 18" stadium trips and two trot/canter loops around their XC course.
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    Ask--I'm not sure about Fair Hill. I know Full Moon allows it but that's the only one where I've seen it explicitly stated. Fair Hill might not because they tend to follow USEA rules pretty strictly. I think you might have better luck at somewhere low-key like Olde Hope.

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    It really depends on the organizer. I've ridden at unrecognized trials where that's perfectly acceptable because everyone recognizes it's not a huge effort and school horses are shared. But somewhere that tries to replicate more of the feel of a recognized event would probably forbid it.
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    Happened all the time at my old barn. School ponies would carry munchkins around what was called Amoeba, w/t dressage & 18" SJ and usually an untimed XC. We did a Pre-Amoeba one year so the BO's five-six year old granddaughter could compete. 5 kids rode 3 schoolies. W/T dressage with the coach in the ring helping them complete the test. SJ was held in the enclosed arena using primary color fences as in red rails, dark blue rails, light green rails, etc. The course was once around the outside, across the diagonal and around the outside. The schoolies looked like they were telling each other the course. They took great care with the munchkins and received loads of carrots, apples and sugar plus a lot of pats and hugs.
    One of the best times I ever had judging a schooling show.
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