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    I don't think Colleen has a good enough dressage score record to be put on the list with Shiraz. Great XC but unfortunately that's not enough to win a gold medal. Thrilled to see Emily Beshear on there, she is one to look out for! I think Kristi deserves to be there, that mare is crazy talented! I think the lists are for once pretty logical!

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    From Boyd's website:
    I believe the lists of the horses and riders is a strong group for the future. There are a lot of new names of riders and horses that will be very relevant coming into the Normandy 2014 WEG. At the end of the day, lists are just lists. I remember being disappointed when Remington wasn't on any list at the beginning of this year, and he ended up being a reserve horse in waiting at Greewich Park on trot up day.
    Interesting perspective. How static are these lists? Certainly some names should be added (or deleted) as the season progresses. I would have to really research, but I wonder what the history is of teams arising from lists that weren't dynamic throughout the training sessions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goodmorning View Post
    We need to stop being so worried about the 'OTTB' stigma. Do you think WFP says hmm, it's a gamble given that is an ex-racer?! Please. I wish some of the UL would stop trying to be so cool, and concentrate on the horse(s) they have in front of them. Perhaps we'd have better horse-ownership. Neville is an amazing horse, another OTTB. However, I guess cool pays. Given the cost of the sport, those that aren't already bank-rolled, have to make some marketing decisions. I can't help but wonder if people from other countries laugh at inability to exploit our best, most economical resource; the TB. Considering the German's are competing 15/16th TB's with brands on their rumps.

    Boyd's fancy-French horse couldn't stay sound. Sineads can; but he's a perfect example of having faith in a horse that others might have passed by (at the opposite end of the OTTB spectrum)...I'm not sure he was the coolest option when she was searching

    Disappointing not to see Colleen; but very happy to see Becky on the list. Some of the other names & horses make you wonder...sure, 3* horses, but why does an established 3* horse lacking scope & dressage deserve to be on any list when Colleen isn't?! WHAT DO THEY HAVE TO OFFER?! Why are we so forgiving of rotational falls? The fact that Allison's horse isn't on the World Class list is laughable. The one that doesn't quite bother me is Neville, he had an injury & is coming back - so, at the moment not a 'World Competitor' but that's just a matter or time.
    If you are implying that US riders don't ride OTTBs as much as European or even UK riders then the data doesn't bear this out. US 4* horses are much higher average TB% than European horses and the number of full TB here is higher than in Europe. While I'm sure you are correct that WFP doesn't discount a talented OTTB just because it is full TB I doubt any of our riders would either. Conversely if WFP ignored low % TB he wouldn't have ended up with Oslo. If you look at WFP's entire string of 3* and 4* horses instead of cherry picking one OTTB you will find quite a range.

    I agree that European horses are considered "cooler" than US horses but feel it is more for the amateur owner that the ULR (and perhaps this spills over to the ULR's owners, that I don't know)

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCRider View Post
    However, I have to say that I really think Allison Springer and Arthur deserve to be in that category too-she and Arthur finished 3rd in the HSBC Classic series last year, second at Rolex and top 10 at Burghley. I firmly believe they're capable of winning a four star. Given that there is a higher classification, it's a little bit disappointing to see them in the category with combinations who have no significant top level success in international competition.
    As i read it the Global Talent list is for horse/rider combinations that are capable of winning a 4*. Let me see...Allison and Arthur were 2nd at Rolex (after winning the dressage and incurring minimal time on xc due to taking a long route at a bogey fence), 3rd in the HSBC Classic Series, and 6th at Burghley, widely considered the biggest and toughest 4* in the world.

    Honestly, it seems like a blatant snub to me

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