Okay, so I've looked at this before and have been around breeding, so I know my own experiences, but I was wondering about those other people have had.

I've seen many babies that don't look like either parent. I've seen some that look exactly like one or the other.

My question on this one is, if you've bred pretty closely down certain lines, have you ever seen something absolutely bizarre crop up and then disappear again? Meaning, a filly that was, say, sickle hocked that doesn't have any of that in the blood lines and then is bred and it disappears?

Just looking for stories. I know what I've seen and how sometimes some thing bizarre seems to just crop up and disappear. I've seeen the craziest looking mares (mostly TBs for the track) have the nicest babies. I've also seen some where once it enters the line...it never seems to leave.