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    Default Soft-Ride Boots

    Anyone out there using them? I have a fitting question. The gel pad needs to be at least as long as the weight bearing surface...that I understand...but what if the pad is a shade longer ? My length measurement to the bulb was almost out of their "long" range. I have both the 6 and 6L right now and heading out to see what seems to fit best. I worry about the boot rubbing the bulb but if a bit long, I can see issues with over reaching or not achieving a snug fit.

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    The boots I purchased were a bit big so they suggested I put a sponge in the front of the boots to take up that space. I would lift his foot and place the back of the boot so it was up against his heel (so his frog lined up with the support), then when the horse put his foot down I would jam sponges in at the toe then velcro the straps good a snug. Worked fine - no rubbing - and he was in those boots for months.

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    Have you consulted the woman there at oft ride about fit? She should be able to help. With my guy, she sent two sizes to try and I returned the wrong one. Turned out they were still a bit large on my guy, as they spun, so I made him socks of vet wrap to help fill the gap. I never thought of sponges, nor did they mention that to me, but that would have been a useful idea!

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