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    Default You need quarter boots

    Go to any tack store/catalog that sells supplies for harness horses. These fit quite snug, don't flop around and cover the heels/bulbs of the front feet for horses that over reach. Your horse might hit them, but it can't step on it and flip/trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
    My horse and I had a wreck last night while schooling dressage thanks to our bell boots. My poor horse stepped on a front bell boot with her hind and went head over heels. Right over, her hip just glanced off of mine (so so lucky) and my poor saddle is ok just filthy and my bridle too as she did a face plant. We both walked away covered in dirt but I had no idea that could happen. Granted, she was being at bit naughty and the step she took that did it was leading into a spook/scoot. She a definite over-reacher but I’d rather deal with cut up heal bulbs or a pulled shoe than ever risk that again. Thank god we didn’t get seriously hurt. She was in the Italian rubber pull on bell boots, I’ve had them completely rip or pull off before but not this time, maybe because they were newer and not weathered and worn. Dressage is so dangerous! Imagine if I was jumping...don't want to.
    I had a similar problem with bell boots while schooling a stadium course with my guy. We were jumping left to right on a diagonal...had landed...he did a flying lead change, and BOOM, he was down on his side. My trainer saw the whole thing happen, and she said he caught his back hoof on the bell boots. I have since started using a size small bell boot instead. They look kind of ridiculous when he's standing (he's a 15.2 OTTB), but they no longer graze the ground, and they make me feel safer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiffani B View Post
    "As tight as I can" is usually not very tight LOL! Sometimes I've had to use friction tape, and other times I've had to get a man to do it for me.

    FYI, I have used them on barefoot horses and they stay on just fine. So I'm not sure a shoe is required if the boots fit properly.
    Trick with the lower quarter boot strap. Tighten them, then take a wet sponge and soak the strap. It will swell and tighten more.

    I only tried them on a barefoot horse once with no success. And, if the heel is under run it will be a problem and the boot can push up off the heel and become a bracelet.

    I love leather quarter boots. The pony ones are so adorable. It was one of my favorite road pony accessories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmartAlex View Post
    Trick with the lower quarter boot strap. Tighten them, then take a wet sponge and soak the strap. It will swell and tighten more.
    Oooh great tip, thanks!

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    Mark Todd blames that type of fall for losing the World Championships one year...never use the pull ons!

    The Sports Medicine kind are great because the horses can't really step on them.

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    Unless the boots are draggin on the ground, how can BB be blamed for this trip? The horse would have stepped on itself, cut itself, and fallen w/o them, right?

    The question is why the horse stays so long on the ground with the forefeet imho.
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