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    Default Introducing outdoor kitties...first meeting didn't go so well...

    This is a bit long, I apologize in advance!!!

    Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated as I am not quite sure what to do in this situation!

    Kitty #2 showed up about 4-5 months ago, he was an intact male at the time and we had him neutered. It took him about 6 weeks to stop being a bit too playful (ie lunging at the dog's face with claws out and putting claws through shoes while playing). He is very friendly and follows us around like a dog. He is an entirely outside/barn kitty with plently of warm places to curl up in the winter/inclement weather.

    Now he has settled in and everyone gets along very well. Including with Kitty #1 who has been around for 4-5 years but is still very timid.

    Now enter Kitty #3. We are trying to take this cat in as a favor to a friend who didn't want it to end up going to a shelter. We kept this cat in the tack room with a glass door so the other kitties could see and meow at one another for a few days. This cat has been recently (about 3 weeks ago) neutered. This cat is very sweet and friendly, but has been living inside for a little while, which I worry about him readjusting to life outside.

    Yesterday, we let kitty #3 out to meet kitty #2. At first, sniffing and staring, a little growling. Then, kitty #2 attacked first, and we broke that up. Then they both ran up into some vines and proceeded to continue fighting where we were unable to break them up. At this point, we hoped they would work it out quickly and get along by morning.

    This morning, we saw kitty #2 coming out of the woods near the house and looking quite proud of himself. He had one little scrape but was fine otherwise. Then he started jumping on the dog like he used to, not so acceptable. We went into the woods and found kitty #3. He definitely came out the worse end of this encounter. He has a few scrapes on him, nothing that a little antibiotic oinment won't take care of though.

    Since he lost so badly, we put him back into the tack room where he can heal up and continue acquainting through the glass.

    We are worried about these kitties getting along and are looking for a better way to introduce them so that they hopefully get along/work out their issues. Unfortunately, this has to work in an outdoor/barn kitty situation because the indoor cat HATES other cats and it simply won't work (I have tried in the past). If all else fails, kitty #3 can probably go back to our friend or we will find him another home.

    Thanks for reading all of this! I am stumped as to the best way to handle this and appreciate any suggestions!

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    I don't have a ton of advice, other than to keep trying. When we first brought our Orange cat home, it was awful, but they eventually sorted themselves out. We stayed out of it for the most part, only breaking up the really bad fights with a squirt bottle.

    If you really don't think that they'll get it sorted out, I'd find a new home for Cat #3.

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