I've got a 10 year old Shire/Paint cross for a free lease in SoCal. Tux is 18 hands and absolutely massive (he wears between a 96-100" blanket); gorgeous black and white tobiano and he dapples out in the summer. He's been off for a little over 2 years due to a broken back on my part. I bought him in April 2009 and rode him until September 2010 when I broke my back.

He was jumping up to 3 feet and comfortably coursing at 2'. Very much point and go as long he had enough forward energy; pretty much figured out distances for himself and never ducked out. His previous owners were schooling him at second level dressage by the time I bought him; they said he was good on the trails around LA, but I'm too much of a chicken for trail work so I never tested it.

His biggest issue is that he is incredibly lazy until he respects you. When I got him, I needed a crop and spurs; by the time I stopped riding, we got to the point that neither were necessary and he would stay in a gait without prompting. There's no rear or bolt on him; he'll occasionally buck (nothing that ever unseated me), but that goes away if you lunge for 5-10 minutes before riding. Doesn't kick, crib, pace, or anything; if he doesn't get out every 2-3 days, he will rub his mane out. No issues with clippers even around his ears/face, but doesn't like getting his mane pulled so I cut it instead. He can be hard to load in a trailer because he had bad experiences before (at 18 hands, he's been stuffed in way too small of trailers), but once he's in he can haul for hours without problems; I suspect that that issue would abate if he was loaded frequently in an appropriately sized trailer. He has dinner plate feet, but has been barefoot for three years with absolutely no lameness issues. No health or colic issues, and he maintains his weight on 4 flakes of alfalfa/bermuda a day without supplements.

I'm finally rehabbing now, but no where near strong enough with enough time to retrain him. He's a great boy, but he's miserable being a pasture puff. I'd planned on getting back on him this past summer, but events in my personal life changed that. He's really got a heart of gold and I want to see him have a purpose while he's still in his prime. He's actually on my parents' property at the moment, so he could be boarded wherever you like. You would essentially assume all costs with his care, without the commitment of ownership, and would have the right to use or show him as you please.

If you're interested, I can email you four videos of him from three years ago with his previous owner. You can reach me through here or through email.