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    Sep. 11, 2011

    Question Blankets!! How many do you have/when do you use them?!

    If I had unlimited resources, my horses would have a wide assortment of clothing. I know I'm not alone in wanting to have roughly 5 blankets per horse!

    How many blankets, what weight/type, and at what temps do you use them, particularly fleece-lined sheets??

    (I'm in the mood to continue my Christmas shopping)

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    Jul. 26, 2007

    Default She would _have_ alot....

    .. but never have to wear one. :-)

    Rainsheet for when it was raining steadily and under 60 degrees; midweight for when it is both wet and cold, and heavyweight for me to stare at questioning myself when it was below 20 degrees F. And then in a perfect world, she would never wear any of them, because she would have access to appropriate shelter and have all the hay she wanted, 24/7.

    Not the right plan for every horse, but she's in good weight, I can let her grow a winter coat, which is thick and soft (and very very slippery. Ask me how I know) and she has an in/out stall and a run-in shed in her paddock. As long as she has hay and windproof dry shelter, she shouldn't need a blanket.

    (She shouldn't need a blanket.... she shouldn't need a blanket..... she shouldn't need a blanket..... But does she need a blanket? No? She's comfy and relaxed and her coat isn't even fully fluffed? You're sure? You're positive? Okay.... She doesn't need a blanket.... she doesn't need a blanket....)


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    Feb. 28, 2008


    I have far too many blankets because *I* have a blanket obsession. My horses otoh, rarely wear them unless its raining or under 30° for a 24hr period or more.

    There was just recently a "what blanket at what temp" thread, so you might want to look that up, but weighing in on the fleece lined sheets, I can say they are incredibly warm. I recently bought the Horze avalanche sheet with fleece, and while my horses aren't sweating under them, they are itchy if the day climbs above 45°. I liked the blanket style so much I bought a set of the unlined ones for the warmer rainy days. My older gelding will shiver if he gets soaked.
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    Aug. 22, 2005


    My horse's turnout wardrobe consists of:

    - a light, unlined sheet for warmer days (mid/upper 50s thru low 60s)
    - a fleece-lined sheet for mid 40s thru low/mid-50s
    - a medium weight high-neck ("wug") blanket for the rest of the winter.

    I like having the fleece-lined sheet for an in-between layer. It's been that kind of weather lately. Hope this enables your shopping
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    Dec. 13, 1999
    Greensboro, NC


    Ugh, I can't stand dealing with blankets - don't really enjoy putting them on and taking them off, really don't like storing them or cleaning them LOL

    So, I have the minimum necessary - sheet (which is really a "heavy" sheet, 80gm fill) and a med-weight blanket. That's it. That gets me through any days that are wet and cold enough to warrant something light but a med is too heavy, through our coldest nastiest days where I put the sheet on top of the blanket, and everything in between.

    I blanket as little as possible but as much as necessary.

    Even when I boarded and had a stable sheet AND turnout sheet, and a stable blanket AND a turnout blanket, once the stable clothes started to bite the dust, I didn't replace them until the turnouts started to go, and then I just replace with turnouts that could be put on for turnout and stay on in the stall, or be put on in the stall and stay on for turnout.
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    Nov. 4, 2003
    Douglasville, Georgia


    Waterproof sheets for each mare and a fleece-mesh cooler for each mare for post cold-weather riding. That's it! The benefits of drafties = yak-ness
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    Feb. 1, 2008
    Nowhere, Maryland


    Turnout sheet, 100g-ish turnout blanket, 250g~ish turnout blanket. Sheet and midweight with and without necks. Plus an assortment of fleece/ wool/ cotton sheets and coolers for trailering and showing. But this is for clipped horses who live out 24/7 and who do lessons and compete in fall/ winter.

    For an unclipped or traceclipped horse? Minimum of turnout sheet and midweight turnout (if I were going to blanket at all), and everyone should own some kind of fitted cooler for emergencies.

    I would never buy a fleece- lined turnout blanket. Only nylon lining for me!

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    Jun. 20, 2012


    My horses are always clipped.

    My wardrobe consists of:
    - One heavy combo turnout which is very very warm and covers the horse up to her neck. This was inherited from another horse I had who was a pig, and white, so I wanted to keep him as covered as possible to reduce time wasted cleaning him. I rarely use it on my current horse, so its mostly in storage.
    - One exchangeable liner blanket with two liners (one heavier, one lighter) plus the outer shell which is waterproof, so ideal to use in September. LOVE this blanket and usually wear it all winter long, adjusting the weight of the liners.
    - One stable blanket which came with my current horse. Looks cheap, but hey, I can have her wear it at home and take my nicer blankets CLEAN to shows.
    - About 4 or 5 fleece coolers (matchy matchy freak here. Love to play with combining blankets and bandages)
    - One wool waterproof quarter sheet. Rarely use it (only when heavily raining) as I usually just throw one of the fleece coolers on top of my mare (and my legs).
    - 3 fly sheets, one with a neck.

    And thats pretty much it. For now. Can't promise I won't have a couple more in a few months time.

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    Sep. 9, 2008
    north of the Arctic Circle


    My guy has 4:
    -200g high-neck rambo wug
    -100g blanket liner
    -lite waterproof sheet
    -fleece cooler that can double as a stable blanket/ blanket liner

    He is fully clipped (all except the ears!), works 6 days/week, and lives in Massachusetts, so blanketing is, unfortunately, a must. On very warm days when the temps stay over 50 all day, he just gets the sheet. If it's not going to drop below 40 at night, sheet + liner. Right now we're consistently freezing at night and sort of thawing during the day, so he is pretty much living in the med weight wug. Once we get to the point where the highs are below 32 and nights drop into the teens and single digits, he'll get the wug + blanket liner, and possibly even the fleece cooler as well. It's a PITA, but winter lasts a long time up here, and we'd never be ready to show if we didn't work through them!

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    Nov. 18, 2011
    Toronto, Ontario


    I have way too many blankets for 3 horses.

    Heavy-weight turn-outs with hoods
    Medium weight turn-out with hood (and without for the non-clipped ones)
    100 g turn-outs
    Heavier rain sheets
    Super light rain sheets
    Heavy stables
    Medium stables
    Light stables
    Bakers sheets
    Rambo sheets
    Coolers (both fitted and sqaure)
    A bunch of reserved blankets for in case in all different weights.

    I'm obsessed.

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    Apr. 16, 2005


    I have 2. 1 Sheet and 1 Medium weight. I do have another medium weight on hand as a back-up if needed.

    Sheet goes on if it's raining and in the 50's or below. Medium will go on for below 30 or so. That's pretty much it. He has worn his sheet once so far this season.

    He used to be turned out at night year round for the past few years at the old place. New place turns out during the day in cold weather so will have less blanketing this year, for sure. We are playing it by ear. So far, he's done well. Now I haven't been 100% pleased with the caked mud! But he's got a decent coat and I don't want to mash it down or make him too warm by throwing on his sheet just to keep him clean. I just add 10-15 extra minutes to my barn time to kick the mud off of him.

    I do have a cooler and exercise/quarter sheet also. I have a heavy blanket but have used it very little in the 7 years I have owned him (can probably count on both hands how many times). I've hang on to it JUST in case.

    I used to have a ton of blankets and such but have slowly slimmed down my collection. Feels very "freeing".

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    Oct. 6, 2002
    Philadelphia PA


    My retired TB owns a rubbermaid full of sheets and blankets he never uses. He's a hairy feral goat and no longer gets blanketed. And he prefers it that way.

    My retired pony has a turnout sheet (no fill), a medium turnout (200 grams), and a heavy turnout (350 grams). Plus backups for each (several backup sheets). He spends most of the winter in the sheet or the medium. he doesn't grow much coat and does get cold/lose weight if not blanketed.

    My horses in work have all their show clothes, coolers, and quarter sheets. I have yet to find a use for stable blankets/sheets-- I don't really do overnight shows and where I board they use the turnout blanklets/sheets in the stalls as well (which I prefer anyway). They each have a sheet, a medium (200 grams), and a heavy (350 grams). The one who gets a full body clip has neck covers for all of his blankets. The other horse does on some. Again, they have backups for each (especially the sheets!) and they mostly live in their sheets and mediums. I am not huge into layering but when it's going to be really heavy rain I will throw the sheet over the blanket and then take the sheet off when they come in and hang it up to dry.
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    Nov. 13, 2010


    Lets see:
    1 wool square cooler
    2 thin fleece coolers
    1 thick fleece cooler
    1 waffle weave cooler (which I have to sell because it is too small)
    2 schneiders black closed front sheets
    1 schneiders burgundy open front sheet
    1 schneiders burgundy upen front midweight
    1 rhino midweight (which needs to be fixed)
    1 schneiders black closed front w/ bellyband midweight (not usable)
    1 burgundy rambo high neck sheet
    1 blue rambo 100 g blanket
    1 amigo black midweight w/ matching neck cover
    1 rambo blanket liner 100 g
    1 burgundy saxon heavyweight blanket
    1 red stable sheet
    1 navy polar fleece liner
    1 brown fake suede quarter sheet

    Honestly I might even be missing one or two more...
    Most of them were acquired when I had 1 horse, a few were bought when I got my 2nd one. Yes, I have a blanket collecting problem, I need to go to BCA (blanket collectors anonymous).

    Oh and when do I used them? Well, I don't blanket anymore over the winter, but I keep a sheet and a midweight on hand in case I need to throw one on when it rains/snows. I use a blanket a handful of times throughout the winter. Same with coolers, I don't work anyone hard enough during the winter to warrant one (usually).

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    Apr. 6, 2006
    Northern Virginia


    My horse has all Horseware turnout blankets - 1 light sheet, 1 medium wug, and one heavy wug. I also have a heavy turnout/combo neck rug .

    In addition I have a stable blanket, a wool dress sheet, a square fleece cooler, a wool quarter sheet, and a knit cooler.

    Out of all that stuff she has only worn the sheet mostly, and the medium a couple of times. The rest is clean and stored in a trunk. Yes, I know I have a problem.

    If I end up clipping that will change - this is the first year I've let her get hairy, and I HATE it!

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    Aug. 24, 2007


    One horse:
    *Shires Stormcheeta sheet
    *Tuffrider quilted liner
    *200g Rider's stable sheet
    *200g amigo turnout
    *ancient high neck heavyweight
    *older bellyband liner heavyweight
    *HIB rain sheet which doesn't fit very well (shrunk so it isn't a real 78" anymore
    *BOT mesh sheet
    *Weatherbeeta jersey cooler
    *Irish knit

    I think I have a problem....

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    Feb. 28, 2006
    The rocky part of KY


    Blanket minimalist here, sorry.
    Below 30 and the pony gets a blanket. The old guy has easily twice as much hair, if it's say hovering around freezing and raining then on goes the blanket but if it's just a chilly night in the mid twenties and he has lots of hay then I don't always mess with it.
    This coming weekend we are due to have thunderstorms with falling temps to below 20 so the blanket will go on early. The pony has a medium weight Amigo and the old guy used to have a Weatherbeeta but has since downgraded to some cheap and nameless brand that has managed not to get all torn up.
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    Apr. 9, 2012
    NYC=center of the universe


    Turnout sheet.
    Mid weight stable blanket
    Mid weight turnout
    This pretty much is sufficient for each horse because they can be combined.
    The mare also has a stable sheet for in-between nights because she runs warm.
    The gelding has a heavy weight because my fiancé bought it. It's not necessary.
    The rest of the blankets just stay on the shelves or I give them away if I don't like them as much.
    I blanket my two differently because they handle the heat/cold differently. He's a wooly beast but he doesnt get too warm. She has a much lighter coat but a fast metabolism and she needs breathable blankets or she heats up (mesh lining on the turnout is key). Thankfully the stable guys now recognize this.
    Edit: wool cooler and fleece quarter sheet, too.
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    Jul. 26, 2007
    Area V


    I have two horses and each has:

    Weatherbeeta Landa medium weight/waterproof blanket with a detachable neck - These are used 90% of the time just as daily winter blanket. I will usually put them on if it gets in the mid 30s and below. I will add the neck piece maybe when it gets down in the teens or so, depending on the wind/wet factor.

    Weatherbeeta Jasper stable blanket with 300g fill, I will add these under the Landa when it gets in the single digits. It is typically windy here as well making it feel colder then it is.

    Stable Thermo Manager Sheet I use this a cooler, travel blanket, blanket liner if needed, show sheet (they have each horse's name monogrammed) and I have even used it as a quarter sheet during warm up or cool down.

    Scrim Sheet just for at shows to keep clean after bathes or to hold my BOT back pad in place. These also have names monogrammed on them.

    That's it.

    Oh I did ask for a wool cooler for Christmas
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    Jan. 16, 2002
    West Coast of Michigan


    I have a lot of blankets, in various stages of being in favor, out of favor, needing repair, dirty, or in bags sitting around. I'd prefer not to actually count them.

    But basically each of mine has a waterproof turnout sheet, a midweight turnout, and a heavyweight turnout. The pinto has a hood because his mane is white and it gets disgusting in the muddy seasons.

    At home I have the luxury of deciding daily what they will wear, if anything. Currently I have one skinny TB who has virtually no coat, so he's in a high-neck midweight pretty much full time, and I'll upgrade to a heavyweight when the snow flies or the temps drop consistently below freezing. Trying to get the boy to gain weight! The pony is partially clipped and otherwise naked--she never gets blanketed.

    Where I board the horses are a little bit more at the mercy of the barn staff, who although they do what they are asked do not have the same level of vigilance, generally speaking. The "general" policy is to go by temperatures and change sheets/blankets according to common sense rules. I try not to be "that owner" who has six different blankets and color-coded spreadsheets that require a Ph.D to interpret WRT which blanket goes on which horse under which conditions.

    I don't own stable blankets--my horses are outside most or all of the time so they serve no purpose in my world. If it isn't water/weatherproof I don't really need it, other than coolers and what not. I do think a blanket liner is nice to have in case of unexpected blanket tears and leaks, to make a lighter blanket warmer until the proper one can be fixed or replaced.
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    Sep. 16, 2006


    I used to have a lot more blankets for my horse but I downsized when I moved him a few years ago. The new place didn't have enough room for all his blankets and some had gotten too thin.

    My guy lives outside 24/7 with temps going down to -40 or colder in the winter. I can keep him warm with a combination of the following:
    - custom-made lightweight blanket (150g)
    - custom-made mediumweight blanket (250g)
    - custom-made light liner (100g)
    - custom-made heavy liner (250g)
    - Rambo supreme heavyweight (440g)
    - 2 headless hoods/neck covers, one medium fill, one heavy fill
    - rainsheet with wool lining (50g)
    - rainsheet (his custom-made blankets are water-proof, so he wears his rainsheet over them when it's snowing)
    - miscellaneous fleece coolers, a wool cooler, and a cotton-weave cooler
    - rainproof quartersheet lined with wool

    For summer:
    - maroon cotton sheet
    - Bug-off sheet
    - Cheap fly sheet (for back-up, he's insanely sensitive to bugs)

    Not used since he was retired:
    - custom-made, navy nylon, monogrammed show sheet
    - brown plaid rambo stable sheet (bought it 6 years ago and they don't make them anymore - never worn )
    - custom-made navy wool cooler
    - Navy eskadron scrim sheet

    And I still look at blankets every time I go to tack stores...I'd love to get him a new mediumweight blanket since the one he wears right now is 10 years old and getting pretty thin...

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