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    Dec. 6, 2012

    Default Show jumping reins

    When you see the show jumpers that have 2 sets of reins, what kind of reins are they and how thick are they? Do they come in sets, or do you have to buy them seperatly?

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    Oct. 26, 2007
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    Generally you buy them separately, unless it was a “pelham bridle” that came with two reins (do not see many of those sold any more).

    Generally, “bradoon reins” (ones designed for the bradoon bit on a double bridle) are thinner than a regular rein. Often a bradoon rein will be matched with a regular set of reins (rider’s preference, laced, rubber etc).

    Personally, I used to ride with two reins (for my gag bit), and I used regular laced rein for the main snaffle rein, and a thinner plain raised (raised, but no lacing) bradoon rein on the gag part.

    Comes down to rider preference, and the reins are usually mixed and matched.

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    Feb. 19, 2009


    I bought mine separately when I used a bit that needed two reins. I bought a thinner, flat curb rein for the leverage part of the bit and then had the laced reins that came with the bridle for the snaffle. I did use another bridle that just had two regular reins and actually preferred that feel. I haven't ever seen bridles come with two sets, all I've seen have been mix/match.

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    Mar. 13, 2003


    When I rode with a pelham or a gag on my old jumper I used rubber reins for the snaffle rein and thin plain curb reins for the gag/curb part. I know someone who used two sets of rubber reins but that was way too much stuff in my hands, even with the thin, flexible rubber ones.
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    Most people use a normal rein for the snaffle and a thin unlaced rein for the curb, but it's just personal preference. I think it's nice to be able to tell which rein you're using by feel.

    I've seen some jumper riders with two sets of big fat rubber reins, but that always looks like quite a handful to me. I prefer a smaller curb rein.

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    Jul. 24, 2006
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    When I'm organized and planning on riding with two reins I use a regular laced rein on the snaffle ring of my gag and a flat/unlaced curb rein on the gag ring.

    When I'm disorganized or throwing together a bridle at the last minute I often end up using two sets of laced reins.

    I don't notice much of a difference between the two setups, but in theory I much prefer the smaller curb rein as that second rein. I don't think I could handle two sets of rubber reins.....holy blisters, Batman!
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    Jan. 6, 2011


    I use rubber reins on the snaffle and for the second rein I use web reins with stops, rubber lined reins, or laced reins. Plain reins get slipppery when a horses neck gets sweaty. Depends on what you like though. I have long fingers and big hands so they fit easy in my hands, but with smaller hands you have to consider width and such.
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    Oct. 22, 2009


    I don't have very big hands, but I prefer thick reins. So I use a thick rubber rein for the snaffle, and then whatever else I have around for the curb. My preference is a set of plain leather with rubber lining the inside. I've also used rubberized web reins, laced reins, and plain curb reins. I find that it's really hard to hold thin curb reins with thick rubber reins, so I only use plain leather curb reins if I my snaffle rein is also thin (ie laced reins)

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    Jun. 20, 2012
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    On my hunter/eq pelham I use a pair of laced reins and a plain thin curb rein. On the jumper one, I use rubber reins or rubber lined laced reins (though sometimes I use those on my eq bridle, depending on if I think it might rain) and brown rubber lined curb reins that I found on consignment ages ago, however I've never seen them recently.

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