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    Mar. 30, 2006


    Sometimes I feel like I've had it too good. I'm well-educated, comfortable, enjoying my new job and new life abroad, I get paid to travel and research in remote places (West Africa next!), my family is unbelievably supportive and loving, I have a great collection of friends....and I really have not had a fair share of "rough times". My life has been so smooth that I almost feel guilty listening to other people talk about their lives.

    Sure I wish I had time and space for a dog and definitely wish I could fit a horse into my life right now. But those are things that I KNOW I can have in a few years when I'm a bit more established. Plus I am loving being single and independent and getting to know ME again after years of relationship hopping. Deep down I'm certain Mr. Right will come along...but in the mean time I'm happy to enjoy life until he does.

    So I do feel incredibly blessed and I think it's good that I check myself now and then to remind myself how truly lucky I have been in life.

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    Mar. 9, 2004


    Thanks for this thread. I was thinking about this yesterday. Recent events have made me very aware how quickly life can change
    I am SO thankful for the love and support of my husband of 25 years, he accepts me unconditionally. I'm so thankful for the gift of my three beautiful girls, and my menagerie of animals. Sometimes I wish things would get a little easier when it comes to financial things, but I know I am SO lucky to have the life I have. It's all in your perspective, my rough day is somebody else's paradise.
    "You can't blame other people. You can't always say what happened wasn't my fault, and you know what? Even if you have an excuse, shut up. "Bruce Davidson Sr.

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    Jun. 12, 2006


    I definitely have it good. Bought my first house by myself this year, have a horse and a cat and a family who loves me. I have gone through some ups and downs finding out who my true friends are in the last year, but the pain has been worth it. The only thing I don't have that I'd like is a SO, but hopefully he's out there somewhere. If not... well, life is pretty good anyway

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    Dec. 1, 1999
    flyover country

    Default Me too!

    I suppose everyone gets down, and I do suffer from depression, but considering everything, I am truly blessed. I no longer have a horse, but I had one for 29 years. She was never sick or sorry. I now have dogs that I couldn't have when I was travelling, and I love them madly. My beloved old cat Lark, passed away last year, complications due to old age-he was 18. I still have his sister, Little Miss Muffet, or as I now call her, the 'Dowager Countess'!
    I have a comfy small home, with a good sized shady fenced yard for the dogs to run and play in. My mom is getting weaker every day, but I still have her now. Relations are improving with my family due to my mom's health.
    I constantly teeter on the brink of solvency due to my inability to STOP SPENDING! But the mystery shopping has helped a lot, and, yes I am truly blessed. I need to remember to be as grateful as my dog Toffee who always comes over after she is fed to say thank you.
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    Jul. 15, 2006


    I am very happy, almost scary happy Good job, Good hubby, Good kids, Good ponies, Good puppies, etc. I am very blessed to be where I am now.
    I am sure there will be rough times, but I am hoping I can use this time to say "gotta take the good with the bad" and push through, although having the good hubby, kids, ponies and puppies will help me deal with whatever comes along in life

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    Jan. 26, 2010


    I have things in my life that are not very good, but the first thought I always have to this question is, I have it great. I have a home I can pay for, I can pay all of my bills, I have a car and old truck and trailer that runs, I can pay my health insurance, I have a job, I have people I can count on.

    In the end, I think most of us have it so much better than so many, and when we focus on that, we do have it good.

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    Oct. 7, 2006
    on and off the bit


    I have a roof over my head and those of my two kitties. We are safe, warm, and together. I have a computer to play on, food in the fridge, and cable TV for Christmas movies. I just felt well enough to go for a walk, and now I am playing on the computer. I have COTH friends and other friends.
    So yes, I will say I have it quite good, thanks be to God!
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