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    Default HELP!! Trying to decode an Antares Saddle! Thanks in advance

    SC 3AR 18XL AO
    06 967R AR+10

    Thanks so much everyone!!!

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    Sep. 12, 2006


    ok from what I know, the following:

    SC: is the seat, I believe that is the half deep?
    06: is the year
    AO: is open tree, or wide tree

    the others I don't know for sure but I think the 3AR relates to the flap, the 18xl the seat size; the rest of the numbers are related to the paneling I believe.

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    Dec. 18, 2012


    Thanks, Mayaty02!!

    Anyone know about the rest of the numbers/letters?? Thanks in advance!

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    Apr. 5, 2007
    Tampa FL


    Are you sure it's not 3AA in the first line? It would make more sense and would be the flap. Size 3 and forward. AR would be a new type of flaps, and you would need to call antares because I don't know what those are...

    18 is the seat size, XL I'm assuming is some sort of extra large seat that was requested by the customer.
    AR+10 means the back of the panels is lifted slightly, a pretty standard fit.
    Everything that Maytay02 said is correct about the other numbers.

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    Dec. 18, 2012


    Thanks so much for your reply! Yes, I had also never seen "3AR". According to the owner, it means that an extra inch is added to the width of the flap, so it is a wider flap? Anyone know if this would be considered a "long" flap? I am 6'2", but not too long in the leg, so a normal long flap should be what i need. Thanks!

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    the XL should be a very wide seat which is really comfy(i have an antares with a wide seat that i love)
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