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    So sorry, RIP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MARESX3 View Post
    Older (20) mare suffered an open fracture of the cannon bone in her hind leg. There was no "trauma" - she was simply standing up after having a roll. She went to stand up and it just snapped. A couple of inches above the fetlock joint.

    I guess I'm struggling to understand how this happens

    Something must have weakened the bone for this to happen?

    Have been wondering if bone cancer is a possibility for this?

    Besides being IR, she was perfectly healthy.

    I was told her sire was put down due to his body "being full of cancer" so I guess this has me wondering more so about that.

    I am very, very sorry for your loss.

    Was she on any supplements or particular treatments?

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    I saw this happen once. It was horrible and traumatic.

    Older gelding (late teens) was being led in from the pasture. Put his foot down and hind leg snapped. Horse panicked and took off. The leg had become completely severed before he was caught and PTS.

    Turns out he had bone cancer. There were no symptoms that didn't look like age-related stiffness. Nobody had any idea until he leg shattered. Poor guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RAyers View Post
    I am very, very sorry for your loss.

    Was she on any supplements or particular treatments?

    Supplements are:
    Platinum Performance
    Metaboleeze (Chromium & B6/B12 plus added Copper/Zinc)
    Vit C (about 10,000mg)
    MSM (about 15,000)
    Thyro-L (2.5 tsp)

    She had been on that same set of supps for quite some time. Thyro-L has been about 2.5 years. She had her Insulin tested once, Thyroid tested 3 times over that time.

    Grass Hay 3 times a day
    3# beet pulp
    2# Alfalfa pellets

    She was of sort of coming off a rehab for a MCL of pastern injury. Was on stall rest in a double sized stall for 3 months. She was just over a month into a walking & hand trotting program though. She was walking on hard surfaces for 27 mins & 2 mins trotting in hand. She was even & sound on the same day it happened. I know that length of stall rest could decrease muscle and possibly bone - although I would think minimally & with over a month into a walking program....

    She was retired (although with LOTS of miles from her younger & middle ages) so we were just working on getting her pasture fit (get some level of fitness on her before we turned her back out to pasture, to decrease chance of reinjury, etc.)

    ETA: Because of her previous hard work she did have hocks injected several times, and some IV treatments of Legend, but that was awhile ago. When she was in work, she would get oral HA gel & APF (herbal adaptogens). These seemed to keep her more comfortable while working hard. Never had Tildren.

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    Sorry for such a tragic and traumatic loss (((HUGS)))
    "When life gives you scurvy, make lemonade."

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    So sorry for your loss. :-(

    Sometimes these old mares (especially if they have been broodmares, but not always) can have osteoporosis kind of like older humans which makes their bones brittle and then they fracture with low impact - placing a foot wrong etc.

    Doesn't make it any easier - crummy all around. :-(

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