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    YES, I have.

    Had AAA come out once when my horse trailer tire was about to blow (had a big bubble in it)

    Came out and changed it, no probs. That was when I was a novice and didn't know how to do it myself And I think I was just lucky

    Quote Originally Posted by hosspuller View Post
    There have been several threads on this subject ...

    Live animals seems to be the line that AAA will not cross, even with their RV plan.

    Suffice to say, I have USrider. They answer the call with "Are you and your horses safe ?"

    Anybody have AAA help with a trailer with horse/s ?
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    I have a Jiffy Jack -- similar to a Trailer Aid. Very handy!
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    Didn't read the entire thread....but toughest issue for me has been the lug nuts being put on too tight. Make sure when getting your trailer inspected....they do not over tighten the lug nuts.
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    My girlfriend had a flat on her trailer with horses on board. She had a TrailerAid but we had a really hard time getting the lug nuts started. Put the lug wrench on (big "X" style) and she balanced it while I stood up on it. Jumped up and down (holding onto the trailer of course) to loosen the lug nuts. Worked a treat, as the Brits say, and we got the lug nuts off, drove the trailer up onto the TrailerAid and changed the tire. Not one person passing by on the road even looked at us struggling with the tire, never mind stop to offer help - - - until we were putting the lug nuts back on, when a couple stopped and the woman called out to us, "Do you gals need help?" We told her we were just about done and saw her husband heave a sigh of relief. She shouted out, "Go West Virginia women!"
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    The Trailer Aid is the answer but also, be sure you have a lug wrench that fits your lugs. Be sure your lugs haven't been done up too tight. Be sure you have some reflecto triangles to set up in the road to steer on coming traffic away from you. Be sure you have a good stand-alone flashlight. Be sure your spare has air in it. Be sure your USRider is up to date and best of all, get your flat on ANY highway in New York State. They have roaming highway good samaritans who show up almost before you can get out of your truck. They change your flat and disappear into the night faster than lightning. Heavenly. O, and no, do NOT take your horses down out of that trailer if you can POSSIBLY avoid it...
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