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    Aug. 5, 2006

    Default Which Vaccum? My Hoover Wind Tunnel died

    Anyone have a Shark? I keep hearing that they are really good for the money.

    I'm not interested in paying another 500.00 for another Dyson. But would be willing to pay for something like a Shark if they actually work.


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    Nov. 13, 2006


    I have a bissell pet hair vac and love it

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    Nov. 6, 2002
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    Mar. 25, 2010


    we bought a shark when our dyson died a month ago. Its pretty good, not quite as good as the dyson but for the price quite acceptable. And we have 5 dogs and 3 cats so...

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    Sep. 24, 2009


    I have a shark navigator lift away = have had it for a few years now and STILL love it. I have 2 shelties, bunnies and birds so vacuum quite frequently. It does better picking up the hair than the $1600 Kirby that the salespeople brought to my house to try and sell me.

    It's as easy to use as the commercials show - I love that I can take the canister off the foot and vacuum up high. It's very lightweight and easy to use that way. Sheltie hair ends up getting on the tops of my curtains/rods so I have to get up there a few times a year LOL.

    Their customer service is great too - had an issue with the beater foot crapping out on me. I was going to buy a replacement (I forgot to send in the warrenty card) but they sent me one at no charge, not even shipping. That was a $60 part !

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    Dec. 19, 2008
    Where The Snow Flies


    I bought a used Kirby on Craigslist. It was only 2 years old and I paid $60 for it. This thing is a beast! I have sucked up pennies into it and it folded them like taco shells. Plus it has the carpet shampoo attachments. I can send it out to be refurbished instead of replacing it. It will last me forever. It's heavy but that's part of it's appeal for me. I'm not going to be able to break this thing.

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    Aug. 9, 2004
    St Paul, MN


    Kenmore rated higher than the Dyson by consumer reports. The dogs & I are allergic to everything and this helps so much with that.
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    Oct. 14, 2010


    I have a Dirt Devil Breeze that has worked pretty well, especially considering it was $50 or less. I thought I killed it when I vacuumed my sewing room and sucked a long skinny scrap of fabric. After I took it apart, all the way apart, it worked better than before.

    For my hardwood/laminate floors, I have a DD Versa that I got for $9. It works great on the smooth floors; I would like to change the cord to a longer one so I can do the whole floor w/o unplugging.

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    Jun. 18, 2011


    My mom just bought a Shark and she *loves* it.

    Shortly after she bought her Shark my Dirt Devil died and passed her Kirby on to me. It's a heavy beast of a vacuum but it works pretty well.

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    Sep. 29, 2009


    I just bought my husband a Shark 3 n 1. He now does most all the vaccumming these days. HOWEVER, I have used it a couple times now and WOW.

    I got it at BBB with a 20% coupon, and free shipping it was $200.

    WAY cheaper than the Dyson. I just couldn't get over the price.

    He did the research and I bought it. We have had it a month now.

    We have an in-house vacuum but when we used the shark 3n1 OMG the dirt.

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    Dec. 29, 2008


    We had a Shark and it worked fine, though not great, for the apartment we were in a few years ago. We noticed our bedroom constantly smelled like our beagle, though, and the Shark really wasn't cutting it for all the dog hair, so we decided to buy a Dyson with BBB gift cards we received from our wedding. We really love our Dyson - works great on the stinky beagle hair, my hair, dirt/hay/horse hair I treck in from the barn. Our carpet is thick, so the Dyson is a necessity for us, though I am very thankful the hubby is agreeable to do the vacuuming for the house. I have thought about getting another Shark and keeping it for the hardwoods only as an easier, smaller vacuum to use.
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    Oct. 25, 2005


    My SO talked me into a used Miele (he found a deal on ebay) and not gonna lie, it's pretty awesome.

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