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    Jan. 19, 2000
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    Default old is she? I have a 13 month old who hasnt slept thru the night since Thanksgiving...and I am 6 months pregnant.

    He started refusing to eat unless it was a bottle and then, he was up all night because he was hungry. Turns out he had thrush so bad inhis mouth he couldnt swallow. FINALLY got that cleared up in time for hand foot and mouth to show up...we are all finally healthy and he still wont.sleep. If I take too long to get to him he gets so upset he pukes. He will nap for 3 hours, but is up every 3 to 4 at night. He still wont eat at daycare and picks at food at dinner time...I am beyond frustrated and am starting to feel like a failure!! Why dont they come with manuals?!?!?

    My husband works 14-16 hours a day and is gone by 4am its all me during the night and generally all me once I get home from work and on weekends recently. I am BEYOND tired and frustrated as well...I just want a nap!!!

    Thankfully I was able to find a wonderful lessee for my gelding who texts me pictures every week of him...those are my happy moments, seeing how well they care for him!!

    I have no family close parents are 100 miles away and they are the closest able bodied people who could help me.

    Its tough...and I get it. Please email me if you need to
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    I'm sorry. Sleep deprivation sux. I used to get early outs from work and go nap in the car under a tree down the street from daycare. If you have no extended family to lend a hand can you find a mother's club - I'm aware the military has resources.

    Dh worked from dark till dark and it was tough doing it all, I don't think I'd ever have been able to manage horses as well. Keep your chin up!
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    Superminion, (((Hugs))) New baby, a move coming up, a dog still upset by a break in, Willow not reading the book- no wonder your marriage is stressed.

    First, I give you permission to ignore your sister. Shame on your Pop for thinking you are the reason that HER choices have tanked out on her. He is putting his own disappointment about her on you. I know they are blood family but ignore them for now.

    The military IS hard. Both my daughters are married to active duty military guys. The one with an infant moves to Pearl Harbor in 90 days. She has been told that on "X" day her hubba will probably be put on a west bound plane and she'll be left to supervise the packing and moving. Sigh. That is because of his work that a swift, unannounced departure might happen.

    I don't remember all the details about the Willow episodes but I will offer you this; I started giving my small, in full time turnout out, hunting horse 1 measured cup of Nutrena Complete morning and night. In the first hour of the first hunt of the season I found myself on the ground beside her. She had shied out from underneath me. On the next hunt I had a swollen left hand within the first 45 minutes of the hunt because she did another shy/spin. It took me another month to think "could that one cup of a.m./p.m. grain be my problem?". I cut the grain out and guess what, she has been a saint ever since. I'm not familiar with Willows weight and health background but if she is getting grain "just because", I would cut it out.

    Tomorrow do something nice for yourself!

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    Feb. 14, 2012
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    Relocated- I'm sending you an e-mail in the morning... we can commiserate together. I'm happy to listen should you need to vent! She's 10 months old.

    SLW- Thank you. DH is supportive when it comes to my situation with my sister. My father is upset, as she is his 'best friend' (yea. I know.) so he's just acting out of grief, I'm sure. I try not to take it to heart, but it still stings a bit to hear. Hawai'i is WONDERFUL. I have extensive contacts, one in a wonderful Mother's group, that I would be happy to put her in contact with.

    I talked at length with the BO tonight, and picked up Vita-Calm to add to her feed. We're going to start cutting her grain back. She's a bit of a hard keeper when it comes to putting on weight (we've already had a full blood work up done, and she's been scoped for ulcers) and has a history of some colic. She is currently getting 3 quarts of Nutrena Life Design Senior AM/PM plus a probiotic and joint supplement. That's her norm, and has been for years to keep her at a healthy weight. The senior is easy for her to digest. We're cutting her back to 2 quarts for now and upping her hay. I need to do some extensive research on feed, I'm not well versed in it, so I can make a good change for her.

    Thank you again, all of you.

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