I'm posting this for a friend, I've been trying to help her locate an appropriate horse and she is starting to get discouraged.

She is a really nice person who is experienced with horses, many years of lessons and owning her own horses. However, last year she was injured in a scary fall after acquiring a horse that was promised as safe but turned out to have a back issue. She has tried to do everything right by this horse: vet, chiro, new saddle, professional trainer. When the horse took the pro on a bronco ride after all the rehab effort, she'd had enough. Thankfully the horse's original owner will be taking it back.

What she needs now is a SANE, very quiet, confidence-builder horse.

She is hoping for free/cheap especially after spending $$$ trying to fix the horse that hurt her. She has a family and upfront funds are limited, but offers a great home. She has a retired horse that has a forever home with her so a new horse will have a buddy. The horses live outside with a run-in on their family farm, they grow their own hay.

Unfortunately the horses we've checked out so far have been unsuitable in temperment, very unsound, and one that was obviously sick. She is only looking to do lower level pleasure riding; basic w/t/c, an occasional lesson, maybe a schooling show for fun as she gets her confidence back. She would also like to have a horse suitable for her novice kids to putz around on sometimes.

Color/breed/all that stuff is unimportant, just looking for SAFE (and preferably on the smaller side - she is petite, and big horses make her nervous at this point.)

Hoping COTH can help us make a love connection!

If you know of anything, please PM or email me at bettylion@gmail.com thanks!