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    Default Tech savvy peeps - need to make a slideshow

    Calling all computer savvy peeps....It's Christmas Eve and I failed, again, to send out any cards. I thought I'd do a slideshow for my family and post it as a private youtube video or something. I have NO idea how to do this.

    I googled and found something called "video....something" that was a freebie and supposed to work with youtube. Downloaded it and it freaked my computer out (majorly slowed it down and tried to install all sorts of crap). I uninstalled it and ran a full virus scan (clean).

    Next I tried the Windows 7 DVD maker. Looked like it might work but didn't seem to have a way to add music or post to the web.

    Then I found something called "muvee" on my machine. Found a video online that said you can post it to youtube and add music but I can't figure out how. I added a bunch of photos (easy!) but when I preview "Olympus Camera" (my dSLR) pops across the screen on half the photos.

    Eek! Sorry this is so long. Does anyone have any advice? Should I keep going with Muvee? Can it be posted to youtube? I've about given up on having music. Is there some free photo site I can use instead? My family is even less tech savvy than me so I want to just say "click on this link".

    Other tech stuff.....should I be resizing my photos? Currently I'm using full size files (6-7 mb each). I can downsize them if I need to. I'm good at photo stuff. If I downsize, should I go to 72 dpi like I would for an email or keep at 300 dpi and try for a 4x6 size photo?
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    You should be able to build your movie in Windows Movie Maker. Save frequently!!! Then you export to a format that can be loaded onto youtube. FYI, there are size/time limits.

    The main problem w/ music on you tube is that you can get your video knocked out for using music you don't have licensed.

    Several of my Rolex compilations have gotten removed due to that (from prior to 2009). I haven't put together a vid recently, but windows movie maker was always the tool I used.
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    The Windows product will likely be all you need, but if you have any troubles with it, then Freemake is another excellent option. I use it because Windows Movie Maker is quite temperamental on this particular machine.

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