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    Default Holy Cow!! 100 Driving Drafts in One Arena!

    Ten-in-hand. Performing a quadrille too! Impressive!! Lots of draft eye candy.
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    Wowza, that was incredibly impressive. Thanks!

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    Dec. 9, 2012


    I love the teams with only four or five people in the carriage... It must have been a walk in the park to pull them!

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    What are the "little" liver chestnuts? And any guesses as to the 3 whites with the Fresians?
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    Was so nice to watch
    Nudging "Almost Heaven" a little closer still...

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    The big chestnuts, white manes and tails, next to last Team might be the draft model of the Westphalians. The ones I have seen (not often!) had the very white manes and tails. That Team appears to have some other breeds mixed in or those two horses, Leader and 3rd pair, are not breed traditional because of the color. One had red mane and tail, while the other was greyish maned, not the bright white. They all went together well though! Might be hard to find 10 alike, other Teams also were mixed breeds.

    I think the last, smaller chestnut Team might have been big Haflingers, comparing horses to vehicle. They were just smaller animals than the others.

    I did like the mix of Fresian and Andalusian/Lusitano? white horses. All had equal knee action, and color contrast was nice and sharp.

    I have no breed clue on the Team of all dark horses, though they moved nicely, good speed on them.

    I also liked all the heavy Bays in various shades of red to light red. They were nice movers too, and the ways they were harnessed was interesting to see. Some Teams were harnessed with poles and eveners like American Draft drivers use, while others like the rope decorated Team were just attached to the horse ahead. I did like the color on the harness, spiced things up a bit. Just couldn't quite figure how they ran all the reins without tangling, since they didn't use the divided rein holders on the saddles and Roger rings. Probably Traditional hitches, but would be cool to look at up close!

    It loaded and ran very slow for me, so I will have to watch again, see what else I missed the first time!!

    Mike was nice enough to also post this in the Driving Forum. I posted the above on there, and we are starting a discussion there too.

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    That would have been amazing to see in person. I, too, was interested in the harness. Only two teams with neck collar harness. None of the teams had britchen on the wheelers. Not nearly as loaded up with harness and decorations as we in N.A. tend to do. It makes it easier to get a good look at the horses.

    Possibly the bay teams were Brabants?

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