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    Default So Frustrated!

    I guess this is mostly a vent of frustration for my poor 3 yr. old Beagle, Mariah, than anything else.

    About 2 mths ago, she was diagnosed with Lyme/Erlichia. She was so body sore she moved like someone had beaten her with a baseball bat. The symptoms just popped up overnight. She was put on Doxy and also a combo of Rimadyl/Tramadol to help with her body pain. The pain meds didn't work so she was switched to prednisone, which helped tremendously well.

    About 3 wks into treatment, she then developed Uveitis, which the vet said was probably from the Erlichia. Put her on topical eye drops, added Amoxicillin tabs and within a week, that was resolved.

    Finished all the Lyme meds and then she got a screaming case of the squirts from her digestive system being wiped out from the antibiotics. Put on metronidazole and had to cook chicken and rice for her for a week and she was back to normal in all ways.

    Two weeks off of all meds and a couple of days ago, she started showing body soreness again. Yesterday AM she was back to the beaten with a baseball bat type of symptoms.

    Talked to the vet and now she's back on a low dose of the prednisone since yesterday and almost back to normal. We have another appointment at the clinic scheduled for tomorrow evening.

    I'm so sad for her. She dearly loves to rabbit hunt and is a real gamer. She cries and whines pitifully because we can't go and her activity level has been cut. Also, my other young bitch's hunting has been curtailed because I won't take Madonna and leave poor Mariah home. I hope we can get this fixed soon.
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    I feel for you. I just had to treat my youngest corgi for immune mediated polyarthropy secondary to lyme.

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