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    yup...that would set off a lot of horses....seems almost every barn has that rider. And it sounds like this is a horse that once he melts would require a very relaxed confident rider to get him back mentally. I would not worry about this meaning eventing is out of the question for this horse. But he needs quiet riders going on hacks...ones that consider the other riders and are aware. And when you start showing, keep it simple and confidence building for both of you. Show well below the level you are schooling at home and set both of yourselves up for success.
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    Lots of good suggestions here. I'd also revisit your ulcers hunch. I had a mare who would be an angel for 30 minutes and turn into a nervous bucking bronco at the end of the ride.... That turned out to be ulcers and once we fixed that, her attitude improved dramatically.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cedarbrook View Post
    The problem was the person with whom you went on the ride. I think I warned you not to go out with her. She has no common sense about taking someone who needs a quiet confidence building ride. When she decided to jump the log in front of you Jumpie just wanted to follow, the problem is he likes to follow faster than you wanted to go. When you asked him to wait and go around he had a meltdown. You need to go out with someone who will think of you and your horse's level and needs and not just take off and jump things. I have ridden many horses and there are very few who will wait when a horse in front of them takes off and jumps a fence. Especially one who has not been out in a long time and is feeling insecure along with his rider.
    I agree, Cedarbrook. I thought I could handle him, no matter what she did with her horse, but I did not consider the ripple effect, if you could call it that. She never actually even approached the jump, nor took off towards it. For whatever reason, his antics started up when I simply walked a few strides off to the side with the other horse. Was he smart enough to know what was up? Who knows? All I know is that I have a lot to learn and going back to the basics is a good place to start. A work in progress, and I'll keep at it with patience, as I don't want to put him, or me, in that situation, again.
    “Always saddle your own horse. Always know what you’re doing. And go in the direction you are heading.” Connie Reeves
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jleegriffith View Post
    The other thing that BFEN mentioned that is 100% spot on is that many horses don't trail ride/hack out but they event perfectly fine. I have had several that can't stand groups and get all worked up in violent ways but out xc they are going by themselves and they do just fine.
    Woody, table for one. I am GOOD at sticking on horses, it's a strength. However, after Woody put me on the ground for the second time in as many months when I attempted to go out on a leisurely hack, I decided that while eventing is our thing, trail riding doesn't neccessarily have to be.

    It's a bummer because I LOVE trail riding, but not as much as I dislike watching his little red ass dissapear in the woods without me. Every once in a while I still give it a go, but you never know when that wayward weed or feral feed bag is going to appear and send Woody to CrazyTown.
    Life Goes On

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