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    Default Anyone used the Social Security Ticket to Work program?

    We have a disabled family member who is improving enough that he wants to try to get a job. According to the brochure from Social Security, you register with an employment network in your area (there are none in our area) and they try to help find a job that works with the person's disabilities. If the person does not successfully transition to the workplace, disability benefits resume. Sounds good on the surface, but how does it work in real life? There are no agencies listed anywhere near where we live. This person has autism spectrum disorder, and has very, very limited social skills. Over the past few months, he has improved to the point that he will phone a friend or two, and will voluntarily leave his house to go to a friend's house. That's major! He has a good doctor and therapist. I don't generally trust government programs, and was wondering if anyone knew of any success with this one. Thanks.
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    Check with your state's Department of Rehabilitation office, if he already isn't in their system they should have resources for this program or local programs similar to this with employment opportunities in the area (have no idea about the SSDI portion of that question, though).

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    I was told to go to the state employment office. They are plentiful (where you register for unemployment, look for jobs, etc.). Goodwill Industries is another good resource.

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    I second the Goodwill idea. Salvation army might be able to help as well. Above all, definitely try your local social services and/or employment office. They should be able to help, or at least send you in the right direction.

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    lyons club might help

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    Default my experince

    My son has Asperger's Syndrome and lives in an assisted living center. He has worked at Round Table for 15 years (part time) since high school. He is able to earn a small amount and still get his SSD benefits. He tried to work more and it wiped him out.

    It is very difficult to get benefits back if they have been lost due to working too much.

    Having Aperger's is exhausting.
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