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    Nov. 13, 2010

    Default Favorite Mineral Makeup?

    I just got some samples of Everyday Minerals and I like the quality. The makeup goes on smoothly and looks natural on my face. However I have acne prone skin and deal with breakouts regularly, so overall I'm not terribly impressed with the coverage. It does a great job of evening out the redness on my forehead, cheeks, and around my nose, but not so much for actually covering breakouts.

    I'm just wondering, for those who wear mineral powder foundation, what do you use? What kind of coverage do you get?

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    Apr. 26, 2009
    Stroudsburg, PA


    I used to use bare minerals but finally the cost just was more than I could bring myself to keep spending. I now use E.L.F. ( they have a whole line from $1 - $5. I believe their mineral line is $3 - $5. I have had no issues and really love what they offer and since they are so cheap (expense wise, the product itself is very nicely made) I don't feel guilty when I go with a new color just for some fun/change. I've been using them for years now and I can promise that every order I have placed I have always found a promo code to get at least 1/2 off the order. I am a make up addict so they have been a blessing to me lol. There are some things that were hit and miss for their $1 line but honestly it didn't matter because I only spent a $1 and found other uses for it. I also have skin that can be sensitive to weird things and I haven't had any issues with anything I've used from them.
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    Feb. 23, 2009


    I've been using one by Jane Iredale- PurePressed mineral powder. I tried the Bare Minerals, but found it to "coat' my skin too much. The Iredale line is SO light, I hardly feel it but it makes my skin tone super even. Neutrogena also makes a cover-up stick with acne medication in it that I like for blemishes.

    As an aside, I too am very acne-prone (was on Acutane for 2 years in my early teens) and have (or so I thought) VERY oily skin. My most recent (now ex) dermatologist told me, after a course of spironolactone and a clindamycin based cream trial that did nothing to improve my skin, it was just "the way I was" and there was nothing he could do about it, so throughout college and grad school I just lived with constant acne all over my forehead. Two years ago my mom treated me to a facial for Christmas and that facialist was a SAINT. When I told her my skin "routine" (which was pretty nonexistent, just washing my face with a salicylic acid- based cleanser 2x daily and wearing a benzyl peroxide-based cream on my zits at night, both recommended to me by my derm) she about fell over. She told me I was over-drying my skin and to switch to a mild cleanser and MOISTURIZER. At first I thought, "no way", but then I figured I had nothing to lose and decided to try it... don't you know, she was right! Now I use a mild cleanser (Aveeno or Neurogena, usually, whatever's on sale), a day moisturizer with SPF (Neutrogena makes one for "acne prone" skin that I like, very light), and a retinol-based moisturizer at night. Haven't had a major breakout since and the little annoying blackheads across my forehead (that the good doc told me were "just the way my skin was") are gone. Anyway, just some anecdotal tidbits that have made a huge difference for me.

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    I've been using Pur Minerals for about six months now and I love it. My skin has is happier than it's been in forever and I like that it doesn't feel like I have a pound of gook on my face when I put on makeup.
    It's a bit pricey, but they often have good sales or freebee offers so I wait until I get a coupon code and stock up.

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    Sep. 20, 2005


    Another Pur Minerals user here. I've been using it for years and I love it. I tried bare minerals, but wasn't a fan of the loose powder.

    Pur Minerals had the greatest Cyber Monday sale ever, so I'm set for approximately the next year. Lol
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    Jul. 14, 2011
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    I love Everyday Minerals, as they're more pure and less irritating than Bare Minerals. What sort of coverage of foundation powder did you buy? I think they have a heavier makeup for more covereage, as well as a lighter one. Their green powder will cover up redness but the bumps from acne may just be magnified with too much makeup.

    Try using a primer, like Prime Time by Bare Essentials (Sephora carries it). And make sure you're using a good quality Kabuki brush. I have one from The Body Shop and it's softer than a bunny. And be sure to regularly wash it because with the thickness of the brush a lot of bacteria can be hiding in there. It's a hassle to clean and dry but worth it. Maybe have an extra brush as a spare.

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