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    Default menopause

    As far as I'm concerned that equipment should be plug and play. I had a hysterectomy years ago which was the best operation anyone ever dreamed up. I had 4 fibroids and what a mess that made! I couldn't get more than 30 minutes from the bathroom and sometimes that was too far.

    Now, I've had the whole hot flash/dryness thing going for the past 3-4 years. It lets up a little in the winter, but returns with the hot weather! I've tried a bunch of OTC things, but so far-nada help.

    I personally think M-pause is worse than puberty!

    Best of luck.
    “ride your own horse” from sayings for life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chester's Mom View Post
    Me too! I called my mom to get an idea of when I should be done with all this and she said 60. Boo!
    My mom had a hysterectomy and my 93 year old grandmother doesn't remember details so I have no reference

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    I am now 51. Just had a period. UG. Hate this, I want it to stop.

    I have had some hot flash stuff at night. I did as one COTH member suggested to get an ice pack and sleep with it. I got an ice pack I had from Jeffer's, put a cotton sock on it and put it near my mid section. Worked.

    I had the night sweat things last december, then they returned in august, but now is gone. They come back if I am eating naughty. I read what other COTH's had suggested and tried to see if some of them would work. I tried fans - worked, ice pack - worked, otc meds like black cohash - didn't help.

    To combat that FAT 10-15#'s I have gained, now I am down by 4#'s. I try to not eat any sugar or carbs after the noon hour. No food at all 3-5 hours before i hop in the bed. I am eating small small meals. I eat cabbage 2 of those meals, cooked or raw. Eat as much as I want of the cabbage. I think the cabbage makes me sleep better - SHOCK. I also have really good dreams - go figure! I do no caffiene past the noon hour. I try to drink no alcohol. But ya get mental in this time of our lives - us gals do, so you have to stray. TRY not to drink it 3-5 hours before bed. I try to eat supper at 4-5p and go to bed about 9. But since I have been eating literally heads of red and green cabbage, I want to go to bed about 8. For supper no carbs, just vegges, and a meat. I take Ca in the morning. I have not had cabbage for 4 days and I have not slept well. Ate LOTS of red cabbage today. So we will see how I sleep tonight. Nice to sleep for a change. Arg! Having the bedroom at 65 or lower is a good thing, winter is great for this. We have on the bed all cotton everything.
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    For hot flashes, try MACA. I get it in drops from the health food store. It tastes horrible but I drop it into a shot of cranberry and down it fast. It reduced my hot flashes from about 8 a day to maybe one or two. Warning: it is a phyto-estrogen - all natural, but it consult w/your doc first, but it REALLY helped me and was a Godsend for those hot flashes!

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