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    Oct. 23, 2010

    Default How would you feel?

    So, here is the thing I have a trainer but she is already in FL. We don't have a indoor (yet) at my barn so we can basically only flat at the moment. I am trying to find a barn that I can take a weekly lesson at for the next few weeks just to keep jumping. How would you feel about someone just coming to your barn for a few weeks? All I want is a lesson.

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    I no longer "do" Florida, and I have a trainer friend who goes to Ocala for the season. She has a couple of clients who stay in the frozen tundra for the winter.

    So, while she is in Ocala, her clients come to live in my barn and train with me until she gets back. This year I got 3 of her clients.

    As the "temporary" trainer, I do not try to reinvent the wheel, nor do I try to solicit her people to stay on with me....When she gets home from Fla, her clients move back. Works out great for all of us. The Key is that she and I respect one another as professionals, and the clients are above board with their intentions so it is a win/win.

    So to answer your question directly....yes I would accept you as a short term client while your trainer is in Florida. I would however, expect you to be upfront with your trainer about what you are doing in her absence.....
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    Oct. 23, 2010


    Thank you! I would definitely tell her upfront what I was doing.

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    I would travel out of the facility to's not very polite to invite an outside trainer to your barn. I would also suggest doing some cross training and taking some dressage lessons. Most trainers don't mind that, as they aren't proficient in dressage and you can learn a lot about correct riding on the flat.

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    Have all your trainers clients also gone to Florida? If not, then why didn't she arrange alternate trainers for you? (either to temp go to their barn or for fill in to come to your barn?) It just amazes me that people pay for lessons and then don't get them when trainer leaves for the winter or summer!
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