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    Default Finding a roommate

    Does anyone have any good tips for finding a roommate? My current roommate moves out at the end of the month and I need someone to move in to help cover the rent. I posted an ad on Craigslist even though it creeps me out a bit because it was really the only thing I could think of. I have put the word out verbally to everyone I know. Are there any other good websites anyone has had success with? Any other tips or tricks that I'm over looking?


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    I think CL is your best bet.

    Are you in a college town (and a college student?), or in the generic world?

    is this your place-- you own it or your roomie will sublet and won't be on the lease? Or something different?

    I think there are just 3.5 keys to the roommate thing.

    1. Be honest with yourself about your own wants, needs and PITA foibles. If you can't do this and then manage them in good humor with yourself (and then someone else), I promise that the situation will blow up.

    2. Meet the person twice before they move in.... by phone and coming over to see the place is fine if you are a good judge of character. It's also easier if you both are in the same place in life. Finishing school, working, getting over a divorce, dating or whatever. Have some stuff in common.

    3. Figure out who they are financially. Your best bet is to have them join your lease in writing. Anyone not want to do that? Why? Can you live with the level of "put your money where your mouth is" that they offer? If you guys have multiple bills, it helps to put some in each person's name. No one wants to feel like they are always having to do the collecting and has to take all the risk. Share the responsibility.

    3.5. Be a Man about it. By and large, men are much better at the roomie thing than women. The basics of their technique is that they don't sweat the small stuff. They ask for what they want that's important and let the non-crucial slide. They include their housemate in stuff if they see the opportunity. They don't expect a roommate to do too much in the way of therapy, entertainment, finding hot chicks for them and such.

    Last but not least, go in with an open mind. You will learn something good from every single roommate situation. Good luck to you!
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    You can go on " " and have them fill out a credit and background check app. It'll cost them 35.00. You need to register, and add your property, which is free. Then you have them fill out app online, and you will have their credit and background check sent to you. It keeps their personal info private (acct numbers/SSAN).

    At least you can see if they are financially responsible and not a known criminal. Be aware though, that people looking for roommate situations, may not have the depth of credit/stability that someone looking for their own place to rent might have.

    Then get prior rental history/references, and call them, and cross check ph numbers/addresses/owner of the property on google, and city tax office website. I've had people give me a correct address for prior rental, but wrong ph #, so a friend answers and gives them a great reference. When I check the tax website for the legal owner of the property, and then google their ph number, I get a different person/ph number, who has a completely different reference on the person that is far from good. If they were with a previous roommate situation, you will want to ask owner of property the renter's name, and then google to get ph number of them. (Hope that makes sense).

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    (Hi!) Contact the nearest college and advertise to any mailing list or newspaper they might have. Put on Facebook that you're looking. If you're a member of a local horse group on Facebook put the word out there, too. Granted, we horse people are crazy, but some of our friends aren't and they might be looking for a place. Fingers crossed- I live with one of my best friends and I intend to stay that way as long as it works for both of us, because finding a roommate sucks!
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    I used a couple of years ago with great success. Also, you could put out an announcement on facebook...maybe one of your friends is looking for a place, or they know someone who is. That way it's not totally random.

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    Jun. 14, 2006


    I had good luck w/ CL but I first interviewed via email, then in person NOT at my house.

    I was living in a college town at the time so managed to get grad student types.

    One thing I didn't do well was predict the increase in costs for electric, water, and gas though. But it sounds like you've already had a roomy so it shouldn't be a problem.
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    I found two roommates through craigslist and it worked out fine. I met lots of people and there wasn't anything actually weird about it. I recommend craigslist as long as you are honest about your living situation and you expect people to respond to your ad with an email introducing themselves.

    My one bit of advice is to write out a list of things you want or expect from a housemate (hours, financial responsibility, age or value-related ideas) and stick to it. I found good responsible housemates, but in all honesty I went with my gut and caved on some of my list. I think I would have been more content with my own life if I had been a tab more rational in my choices.

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