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    Default IRAP - how long for full effects?

    We are trying IRAP on my older gelding's upper hock joint. His lower joints are basically fused, but this upper joint has given us alot of problems. (swelling, bad arthritis). He responded well to a specific hock injection we gave him about 2 months ago which was kind of a "test" to see if the IRAP would help. He is no longer a candidate for regular hock injections as the steroid component takes him completely off his feed and affects him systemically, esp. his stomach lining. Even this last injection which contained minimal ingredients affected his eating. He is also on Adequan twice a month.

    He had one IRAP injection 10 days ago which greatly improved the swelling that would come intermittently. He is pasture sound (W/T/C and even gallops in field like crazy with the other horses) but under saddle on very light hacks (as in, 15-20 min, flat terrain), he still feels very gimpy at trot. Fine at walk, and if I let him canter, which he often wants to do, it feels choppy but better than trotting and he is very happy cantering.

    2nd injection is today - how long does it typically take to see the full effects, as in maximum benefit? My ultimate goal is to still be able to hack him lightly once a week, maybe twice, as he is retired from everything else. Would love to hear when others saw "full" effects from IRAP, and how long it lasted for you....thanks!

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    Generally speaking you will start to see some improvement after the second injection but if the horse is going to respond you will see the full effects a week or two after the third injection. The last horse I used IRAP on (coffin joint) came sound (from grade 2) immediately after the first injection--he was sound for exactly six days. Same thing happened after the second and the third didn't seem to help at all. Sigh...we've moved on to stem cell. Best of luck to you!
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    The last time I used IRAP the horse still felt gimpy. But then a month later with full turnout, weekly adequan (loading dose) he felt great. Generally you should see full effect within three weeks post injection.

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