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    Default Senior horse possibly had a stroke?

    Of course my horse decides to do this while I have family in town for an important event tomorrow...

    23yr old tb retired gelding all of a sudden this morning was very wobbly, like he was sedated. His hind end is uncoordinated, his left ear droops, he drags his left leg a bit, and he keeps cocking his head to the right. He trotted around in turnout and threw some bucks in, but you could tell something wasn't quite right when he was standing still or walking. He was in totally fine spirits and was happy to see me and get carrots.

    He has been a pasture puff since last spring. The vet is coming out, but she isn't sure there really is anything to do based on what I described to her.

    He looks so happy still, and was busy eating grass, but I am concerned for his own safety that he would fall and get stuck, or even fall around a person if he is that unsteady. Do people keep horses that have had strokes or are neurological, or are they just too unsafe?

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    One of the horses in the lesson string at my last place was 29 when I started riding him, he turned 30 and was still doing walk trot and then he had some sort of attack, stroke was what they thought. I could never see anything really wrong with him as he spent his last days wandering the grounds with a halter and short leadrope, happily grazing but the description was about the same. He was put down before winter and I believe the reason was not that he was unsafe but that he had some other related issues, had a hard time eating and just wasn't all there any more - he was a grey as well and what with potential problems from melanoma the decision was made to let him go while he was still cheerful and enjoying the fine weather.
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    My husband's 32 year old horse has had a couple of strokes. The first time he fell over, seized up and shook for about forty minutes. The second time I don't know how long he was down in his stall, twitching in the corner under his water buckets. I can only imagine what fun that is. The rest of the time he dodders around, nibbling on grass and sucking down alfalfa mush. Totally worth it.

    Let's just say I have made it clear that hubby is in NO WAY authorized to make any decisions regarding my health care.


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