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    Default Had my nose cauterized this afternoon and it will not stop running!

    I wasn't planning on getting it done today. In fact, I was under the impression that it was a more in-depth procedure that would be done at a later date. I assumed the ENT would only talk to me today. But no, apparently getting your nose cauterized is super fast and it might as well be done since I'm there already. Fine. He assured me that it wouldn't hurt too much and that I would go to work this evening.

    Lies! I was disgusting when I left the office. Sneezing, nose running, throat felt like I had severe strep. It was awful. I ended up not going into work because I my throat felt so terrible and I couldn't get my nose to feel comfortable.

    My throat feels mostly better now and the spot he cauterized isn't hurting much. But my nose will not stop running and I am sneezing several times every hour. It's like having awful allergies. I can't do anything except sit with my tissue box. Is there anything I can do to make my nose less irritated? I have to sleep eventually tonight...

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    Good heavens, that sounds unpleasant. I am not familiar with why one's nose would need to be cauterized - may I ask why?

    ETA - My gut instinct is that having a humidifier running might help, as might taking some antihistamines if that's okay with the follow up orders from the doctor.
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    It's the go to soluation for heavy, frequent nosebleeds. They burn the spot that you're bleeding from and it destroys the blood vessels and creates scar tissue over the area. He discovered I actually have a deviated septum which explains why I kept getting nosebleed from the same place. It's a common procedure.

    I did use a humidifier last night and I also put a microwaveable heating pad on my face. Worked great. Slept like a baby, thank god. But as I'm walking around this morning I'm starting to sneeze again... hope it doesn't get worse.

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    Dec. 11, 2005
    Southern California - Hemet


    Ah, I see. Hang in there and I hope it solves the nosebleed problem. Does the doctor have any suggestions for the sneezing?

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