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    Quote Originally Posted by MysticOakRanch View Post
    I've used Woof boots (double lock are the only ones worth using imho) and DSB boots for years. My new favourite boot - People on Horses! Yes, the makers of fancy browbands! Their boots are real sheepskin lined - so breathable! AND - you can custom order the size if you have a horse who is big boned or fine boned or extra tall or extra small. No extra charge. They have fun colors, you can even order patent leather if you want. I have plain ol white, and just love them!
    Ditto the Woof boots. Although I have used the single lock for the past six months and they still look new. They are also relatively inexpensive. And when I'm done I just hose them off and let them sit on the arena rail until they're dry.

    I tend to stay away from the fleece boots, especially in summer. I also find that they tend to trap dirt more than leather or neoprene types.
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    Gee, I tried Dover's boots and hated them. Now using the new 'improved" DSB's with a reinforced edging. So far, so good.

    Has Dover improved their brand? Lat pair I used and hated was several years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllWeatherGal View Post
    Here I was happily using SMBs and BackOnTrack boots, ignorant of all the concerns.

    Thanks to this thread I spent a fortune at Ecogold's website yesterday. Retaining heat is a big deal in Florida summers and I couldn't find much in the way of actual reviews.

    I couldn't figure out the differences between the eventing and dressage boots so bought both, same with saddle pads. Shipping was VERY reasonable. I'm looking forward to seeing all these items in person.
    My favorites are the Ecogold dressage boots. They wear like iron, clean up like new every time you wash them, and are the most breathable boots I've ever owned. They also offer good strike protection on the inside. I've heard of some people who don't like them, but they are certainly the best boots I have owned. They are also very lightweight and wick rather than absorbing moisture. I hope you like them, too!

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    I've tried every boot under the sun, Woof boots are by far the best for price and durability. Ecogolds are very nice also, just a much higher price category.

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    Another vote for the Ecogold boots - I've been very pleased with them here in S. Cali!

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    I cannot seem to use any of the neoprine lined boots every time I have tried them they have rubbed my mare once to the point of bleeding (yikes and that was one ride). I only use a fleece lined boot that has usually been a synthetic but recently I got the Horze Salerno Tendon and hind Boots. They have real fleece and Wow they have been the nicest boots I have used todate. Especially for the price and if you get them on sale. I have used the Dovers and the WW with them working equally well but not lasting nearly as long as a hard shell boot. My mare moves close behind and is adding more scratches to her boots every ride as a result the hind boots especially take a beating. FWIW I wanted to mention that Natural fleece has a tendancy to stay cleaner then synthetic as its more resistant to soiling I just wait for the dirt to dry if its damp and it brushes right off with a stiff brush. I do the same thing with my fleece girth cover.

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    Agree with those who say the boots protect from impact ( direct) not day to day wear

    pay more attention to the quality and uniformity of the footing. I am convinced as much as we love our hogfuel here in the NW, its uneven and unequal rebound and return counts for a lot in soft tissue breakdown.

    pay attention to proper warm up cool down. plus movement and turnout. All of these lacking for many performance horses.
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