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    Almost forgot, my other early theory was that somehow the barn was to blame, and the whole thing was in order to prevent Lisa from suing said barn for negligence or even just for being a disappointed customer.

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    Were any humans hurt in the car accident that killed the other horse?

    Maybe Lisa is gunshy that she'll get sued by the people who hit the horse, claiming she (or the barn) was negligent to let the horses be on the road (I am not saying that was the case but it could be true/be a theory held by the people driving the car). She and the barn owner/trainer thought maybe if they "got rid" of the horses involved, they'd be in a better position vis a vis a possible suit (probably not true, but maybe they thought that). Along comes Margo with a horse she needs to unload anyway and no qualms about making a horse that needs to go quietly into the night... go there via auction?

    A little farfetched but there's something odd and nefarious going on here and I don't think Lisa is being 100% forthright with you.
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    Dec. 2, 2009


    I don't know, actually, that might also explain why on Facebook the original story of how he died was a little different than what we found out later. I had originally thought that perhaps it was because thy weren't telling her the whole story...

    That could explain the weirdness. Heck, even if no humans were hurt, vehicle damage might result in a lawsuit.

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    Dec. 2, 2009


    Actually, I think I've figured most of it out. It's less nefarious and interesting than just most likely evidence of how little lies add up.

    In searching through Lisa's FB posts, I think she originally wanted a fancy expensive show hunter and was going to sell and flip a few horses to earn herself the money to do so. GW, unfortunately, was going to be one of those horses and I think she didn't want to say anything for fear I'd be mad, despite what I said. I've had that happen before, a person I sold a horse to for $7500 offered him back to me 3 months later for $15k. I think she thought she put a lot of value into GW and thought that I wouldn't pay whatever it was she thought she was charging for him. It's pretty crummy, but likely.

    I think Margo saw an opportunity, and told Lisa she'd take GW in trade and "find him a good foxhunting home". Lisa may even have not mentioned to Margo his hock issues.

    If Margo is telling the truth, then there is someone even sketchier that took advantage of her, if not, then she took him straight to the sale to recoup her costs. Lisa told me she had first right of refusal on him after he got to Margo's.

    Bottom line, they all were trying to pull one over on someone. And GW almost lost because of it.

    I'd be willing to bet that this is happening a lot right now. That there are likely very nice horses running through the sale because someone has judged that they don't want to take the time to sell them. I'm pretty disgusted by the whole thing.

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    I know one thing, I wouldn't deal with "Lisa" again -- and I honestly kind of want her out-ed, too.

    Look, shitty things happen to everyone, BUT that isn't a carte blanche excuse to make bad decisions.

    Greed is a terrible, terrible thing - and I believe that Lisa has it in spades if what you say is true. Trying to find a quick way to make HER dreams possible, something for nothing, etc etc.

    I know I certainly would never want to do business with her. She is a LIAR.
    Veni vidi vici. With a paint pony, nonetheless.

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