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    Jun. 14, 2006

    Default Spinoff from True Confessions: Sick, but heading to the barn anyway...

    Meredith's post about taking over care for her sister's horse got me remembering times past when I leased a farm for my two mares. The place was about 15 min from my house and I was out everyday, twice a day to do chores.

    Being ill was obviously no excuse NOT to go out, but there was more than one occasion I can recall when I probably should've called SOMEONE for help because I was sick as a dog.

    Thought you all might have some funny stories.

    The one that sticks out in my mind most was one winter when I had probably the worst flu I've had in my life. I'd also just had surgery on my hand. I was "cry for my momma" sick.

    I could barely stand up and walk to the restroom without feeling like I was going to pass out but I had to get to the barn to do chores. I bundled up, got in the car. Rested in the driveway. Drove to barn stopping to vomit along the country roads twice. Got to barn.

    I had about a 25 yard walk from the car down to the barn. I crawled. Literally crawled. My head was pounding and I was sweating to death in my coveralls due to my high fever.

    Got to the barn. Rested outside my old lady's stall as they both nickered and pawed and basically said "Lady...where's our breakfast????"

    I turned the horses out and threw hay. Rested.

    I remember looking at the stalls and thinking "Would it be horrible if I didn't clean these?" Got up and cleaned stalls with lots of resting in between.

    If I hadn't been worried about freezing to death, I probably would've just curled up in a stall to sleep until it was time to do night chores. So after being there for 3 hours (should've taken me all of 30 minutes) I drove back home.

    My girlfriend (who lived literally 2 min from my barn) called to check on me, I filled her in and I believe her words were something along the lines of "you twit, why didn't you call me??? Stay home. I'll bring them in."

    I could've kissed her feet.

    Taking care of the critters is a matter of must do, not optional...but there is no shame in asking for help when you're on death's door, eh? LOL
    A good horseman doesn't have to tell anyone...the horse already knows.

    Might be a reason, never an excuse...

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    Mar. 30, 2007
    Hollowed out volcano in the South Pacific.


    I walk my dog whenever he needs to be walked. Even at 2:13 AM when it's cold enough outside to make you want to curl up into a ball and die, deer are romping through my neighborhood like wild cattle, and my brain is running on fumes. Fortunately, he doesn't do that often anymore.
    Thus do we growl that our big toes have, at this moment, been thrown up from below!

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    Feb. 14, 2012
    Fern Creek, KY


    I remember being 9 months preggo and cleaning stalls. Scoop. Pant pant pant. Scoop. Pant pant pant. Beg husband to dump wheelbarrow. Pant pant pant. Sneeze. Pee pants. Pant pant pant...

    You get the idea. I got 'er done though!

    Also. Haltering and turning out the beasts in the barn (all of whom are rather large) with one arm in a sling under my coat is no easy task.

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    Feb. 1, 2012


    My "sick" was self-induced by a long night of drinking a variety of alcohol, but sick just the same...[and I have NEVER been this sick, not even from the flu!]

    I had a horse lesson on a Saturday morning at 9:00, and I had to trailer my horse to the lesson.

    Wake up...puke. Get dressed, puke...

    Hook up trailer to truck...puke...

    Drive to lesson...puke...

    Tack up horse...puke some more...

    SOMEHOW I made it through the lesson without puking, and we even cantered....

    Dismount, barely make it to the trailer...throw up again...

    I was even trying to drink water, gatorade, eat crackers...nothing was staying looked like someone was killed in the barnyard because I kept throwing up red gatorade...probably not the best choice of color...

    I had to stop on the dirt road leading to the main road to throw up I decided to grab the bucket out of the trailer in case I had to puke while going through town because it's not easy to just pull over quickly with a truck and trailer...

    I threw up in the bucket 3 times on the way home.

    When I got home, I unloaded the horse, put him in his field, and didn't even clean out the trailer (which I NEVER do). I didn't even unhook the truck from teh trailer, I rode the 4-wheeler home so I wouldn't need to unhook it [the barn is about a mile from the house at the time].

    I couldnt' even keep crackers down until 10:00 PM that night...a full 12 hours after the drinking...

    I have never been that sick in all my life and don't plan to drink that much ever least not the night before a lesson...
    "If you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple payments..."

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    Sep. 2, 2005
    Upstate NY


    One winter when I had the flu I could not find someone to fill in for me last minute to do my stall cleaning and feeding at my trainer's barn.
    It was like described above with every time I brought the wheel barrow out to the manure pile I would puke. Each stall took about 10 times as long as it normally did. Very long day.

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