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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyedragon View Post
    I don't think I am afraid of risk, and the crazy thing is that it's not like my horse is huge either, she's only 15.1 hands. If the mounting block was a few inches taller I could just swing my leg over. Maybe that's my problem, where I boarded before I use to be able to just swing my leg over. I wouldn't put a foot in either stirrup until my butt was on the saddle.

    Nothing else has changed, same horse, same tack. I really want to ride too, because of the weather I couldn't ride all last week. Today was a beautiful sunny day, no wind, would have been perfect.
    I have no irrrational fear, but 20 years ago I stepped up in the stirrup of a young, green broken horse I had been riding. I was using just a one step block and as I put my foot in the stirrup someone came behind the horse and he swung his hind end quickly away from me to see behind him. It happened so fast that I fell backward, but my foot hung in the stirrup and I was dragged a good way (Indoor thank God) with my face right next to the hind hoof!! I wasn't injured - miraculously - but did have flash backs for months!!! My cure....ALL of my mounting blocks are now 3 feet high and I NEVER put my foot in the stirrup until I am safely in the saddle. In my ummm advancing years, bad shoulder, healed broken leg/shattered knee this method works for me!!! And horses are more comfortable too. My new 17 hand horse is even easy to pop on with a high mounting block. So OP...get someone to built a higher mounting block for you. Good Luck!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BuddyRoo View Post
    yeah, I was taught that way as well so that the horse circles around you but if you think about it, that lets the horse swing his/her butt (and body) away from you. Whereas if you tighten up the outside rein, the horse is swinging into you which means that if you already have a foot in the stirrup, you have a horse coming under you instead of away.

    Like I said, it's a little counterintuitive but mechanically, it makes a lot of sense. And it actually has saved my butt more than once.
    This is true!! When in doubt..tighten the right rein so the horse comes UNDER you...not away!! Another your mounting block about 4 feet away from a building/wall/fence to teach your horse to stand straight.
    Last edited by crosscreeksh; Dec. 13, 2012 at 10:39 PM. Reason: added thought.
    Breeders of Painted Thoroughbreds and Uniquely Painted Irish Sport Horses in Northeast Oklahoma

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    I'm glad I read this thread! I had a lesson Tuesday night, on a mare I fell off of last Tuesday. My fall was kind of silly and no big deal, and I wasn't nervous or anything afterwards. Embarrassed, mostly. Well, I rode her again Tuesday and my lesson was going very well until she ran out at a little vertical. I almost ate dirt again. (If I had, I would have fallen off more in two weeks than I have in the last seven or so years.) I stayed on, I think mostly out of sheer determination to not fall off twice in a row. The mare was a little frazzled after that, and I was starting to get nervous.

    And then I pretty much chickened out. I haven't chickened out in...well, I can't even think of the last time.

    I made my trainer drop the fences to tiny x's or tiny veritcals (and it's not like we were jumping big to start!) and I trotted into everything. And I kind of had to make myself do it. Like, I really didn't want to keep jumping, but I knew I was being a little ridiculous at the same time. I jumped around the teeny stuff a few more times and called it good.

    The next day I was so mad at myself. I don't know when I turned into such a freaking wuss! I've been riding for 18 years, and I do not have a history of chickening out. I do think that not jumping for several years (I only started jumping again regularly over the summer) combined with riding nothing but my own horse has left me a little less brave. My horse is a very quiet, very solid citizen that I've owned for 12 years. On his worst, wildest day he doesn't make me nervous!

    But I do feel slightly better after reading these posts. I was being pretty hard on myself about wussing out.

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    I finally rode last night. I found myself starting to feel faint and hyperventilating just taking my mare to the mounting block though. Thankfully my BO just cut down a big tree and I was able to drag a stump into the riding area. It was tall enough that I could just swing my leg over and sit in the saddle. To be honest even that made me feel a little fearful, but not as fearful as the shorter mounting block. Hopefully I can move on from this now!

    I also think I finally figured out last night what has me so freaked out. The idea of the saddle slipping and me tumbling off as I mount. Funny thing is that I have never even had something like that happen to me!
    Maggie Bright, lovingly known as Skye and deeply missed (1994 - 2013)
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